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15th TRACKS Empowerment Scholar Cadre celebrates 4th graders | neighborhood supplement


After two years of virtual celebrations, the 15th edition of the TRACKS Empowerment Leadership program went live on April 20 for its new fourth-year inductees at Belmont.

The 2022 celebration came after two years in which the inauguration of new members was virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Belmont scholars, families and educators joined in celebrating the final nine fourth graders in this unique setting.

The TRACKS Empowerment Scholar Cadre 2022 met weekly until mid-May and took part in an experience focused on the leadership pillars of learning responsibility, service to others, and empowerment of its general purpose and that of others.

The engagement included a welcome from Belmont Principal Kim Rosenthal, followed by the program‘s founder engaging scholars and families.

“We congratulate our future activists who will change our lives forever,” said TRACKS 2021 alumnus Janise, cheering on this year’s inductees. “You have a special opportunity to come together and walk together. We hope this journey will change your life for the better.”

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“We are thrilled to introduce these nine children and continue to support all that you have poured into them that makes them so amazing, and we (teachers) get to see them every day,” said Annie McKeighan, of the Belmont’s fourth-year team. leader.

She, along with her colleagues, brought scholars to stand by them as their respective nominations were read. Each spoke of the strengths, potential, brilliance and impact that the program experience can have.

“Seeing each Scholar’s families beam with pride, pulling out their cell phones to record the experience, taking photos and hearing from their loved, respected and valued Scholar beyond doubt is the highlight,” said Development Coordinator Peter Ferguson. young people from LPS. “The late educator Rita Pearson remarked that every child deserves a champion and can become the best they can be. Their ‘champions’ filled the room today.”

“We know you will be challenged and inspired to make the world a better place,” fellow 2021 TRACKS alumnus Andy said, offering words of empowerment. “You will learn to use your talent and your voice for equality, justice, kindness and civility.”

The 2022 fourth year TRACKS Empowerment Scholars are: Carmello Carroll, Antonio Palacios, Jai Brehm, Stacey Murray, Edvin Valenzuela Garcia, Zaida James, Jermimah Robinson, Paw Eh Tmwee and Jaelyn Pina.

Founded by Ferguson in 2006, the TRACKS experience represents a group mentoring, strengths-based experience to complement students’ enhancement of their identity, autonomy, leadership, vision and investment in self, with an overarching goal of enabling each participant to reach their academic and life potential.

For more information, contact Peter Ferguson at [email protected]