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4 UK schools that offer an exceptional education


There is no “best” education or one-size-fits-all approach. Every child can thrive and succeed on their own when paired with a school program that works best for them. It could mean holistic, teacher-centered, student centeredor even a activity centered study programme.

However, there is no denying that an exceptional education is what makes a good school. Whatever the academic course offered, a good school is the one who nurtures his students and encourages them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Although outstanding grades are a good marker of success, it is far more important for a school to prepare students for life outside of academia.

We know it can be quite difficult to find the perfect school for your child. Making a choice is difficult when there are thousands of schools to choose from, especially when considering post-secondary education. If you want to entrust them to an institution that prepare them for college As well as fostering a sense of responsibility in them, you might want to consider these four UK schools:

Shaftesbury School is where nature and academic rigor meet to produce well-rounded students who then succeed in life. Source: Shaftesbury School

Shaftesbury School

Nestled amongst the green hills of Dorset, Shaftesbury School is one of the few state boarding schools in the UK where families only pay for the boarding element – tuition fees are entirely covered by the State. Shaftesbury School is where you will have a quintessentially English boarding experience, but also a excellent education. The large-scale course paired with great exam results led many of its students to graduate and then attend the Russell Group and other leading universities.

Located less than an hour from the famous Jurassic Coast, Shaftesbury School’s boarding house – Barton Hill House – is a home for many students who strive to be the best they can be. What makes this boarding school unique is that children do not have to start their boarding school early, they can start when they feel comfortable. Whether the child decides to stay for the whole seven years or just part of it, they make lifelong friends at Shaftesbury School.

But Shaftesbury School has more than meets the eye – it’s one of 10 schools in the country to house a future classroom. The school, in its aim to develop the individuality of each child, has partnered with leading technology companies to provide an innovative and inspiring approach to learning. Imagine this: no rows of desks and 10 large writable surfaces – inspired by revolutionary workspaces like Google and Lush cosmetics. This one-of-a-kind space encourages students to unleash their creativity by fusing technology with education.

Discover Shaftesbury School website or learn more about the 124-year-old Barton Hill House here.

Westholme School

The best part of studying at Westholme School is the individualized curriculum. Source: Westholme School, Facebook

Westholme School

To Westholme School, education is a lifelong journey. His approach to teaching is unique and holisticoutdoor education, clubs and extracurricular activities reinforce Westholme’s core values ​​of character, teamwork, problem solving, leadership and resilience. Experience is at the forefront of Westholme ethos. The school believes that the only way for students to be whole is to allow them to find their talents and explore their passions while achieving academic success.

In primary school, a broad but balanced curriculum challenges the students of Westholme. Although it closely follows the national curriculum, Westholme adapts its program to the needs of each child in a stimulating but friendly environment. Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom for Primary school students – depending on the age of the child, they must complete their homework in 20 to 40 minutes each evening. During these periods, students read, learn spelling and tables.

Responsibility starts early at Westholme. Clubs are not run solely by staff members, but also by students themselves. Activities take place every week and range from drama to maths, music to engineering, art to sport and of course, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Westholme students are encouraged to think beyond their limits and enjoy challenging themselves and working as a team.

Click on here to learn more about Westholme School and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, instagramand LinkedIn.

The King's School, Canterbury

This historically rich school in Canterbury, Kent is where you will get a traditional education, but also plenty of extracurricular activities to indulge in. Source: The King’s School, Canterbury Facebook

The King’s School, Canterbury

When it comes to an institution for history buffs, there is no better school than The King’s School, Canterbury. The school – often described as the “the oldest‘ in England – is located within the grounds of Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, a World Heritage Site, and all the buildings are a mix of old (14th century) and the new. Such a setting naturally creates a tight-knit and warm community for students to become spiritually aware, historically informed, and grateful for aesthetic beauty.

If traditional education is what works best, consider The King’s School, Canterbury instead. His program is based on strong academic roots as much emphasis is placed on the best of traditional independent school education, such as academic excellence. However, the school’s program is further enhanced by a benevolent pastoral care team, a tutorial system and various after school programs. Expect not to stick to tradition though, as new topics are constantly added alongside new teaching techniques.

All students receive formal and structured lessons pedagogical supportwell stocked libraryand ICT facilities to supplement their learning outside the classroom. Students are also offered many career advice throughout their time at King’s School, Canterbury, and almost all of them go to university – immediately or after a gap year.

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Marymount International School

There are no limits to what graduates of Marymount International School London can achieve. Source: Marymount International School

Marymount International School

What distinguishes students from Marymount International School London other than the others? At this Catholic school for girls, which also welcomes students from all religions and none, there are no limits to what students can achieve. Girls at Marymount London are bold, independent leaders and innovators, thanks to the school’s holistic approach International Baccalaureate (IB).

The distinctive character of Marymount London lies in the fusion of its RSCM (Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary) and IB philosophy, enabling girls to grow intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically. This IB-RSHM alchemy — which resonates in its classrooms and boarding life – is powerful. He turns girls into agents of their own upbringing, as evidenced by his roster of former scholars, communicators, risk takers, and principled learners who possess a strong sense of self.

A thoughtful curiosity about the world underpins the school’s academic and extracurricular activities. Both the IB Middle Years and Diploma programs require students to use their gifts and talents to serve others, which is in line with the school’s mission to develop students who are firm in faith, full of spirit. hope, rooted in love and one in service. .

The IB’s emphasis on reflective and self-regulated practice, combined with a boarding school environment that fosters the development of courage, resourcefulness and resilience, empowers girls at Marymount to become agents of change in our world.

In an increasingly polarized world, Marymount girls are equipped and committed to building respectful cross-cultural connections. No nationality is dominant at Marymount London. The girls thrive in a strong, tight-knit community of 250 students between the from 11 to 18 years old coming from over 40 countries.

Each girl is encouraged to embrace her own culture and is heard for exactly who she is, which fosters empathetic communication between different linguistic and cultural traditions. To learn more about Marymount London’s holistic approach, Click here.

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