Home Youth empowerment 80 teams will fight for the Bogoro Unity Cup title in Bauchi

80 teams will fight for the Bogoro Unity Cup title in Bauchi


No less than 80 teams entered the title race for the first edition of Professor Suileman Elias Bogoro Peace and Unity football tournament in Bauchi State.

The 80 teams that are drawn from the 20 local government zones of the state are grouped into three zones namely Katagum, Central and Bauchi.

The tournament is hosted by Bauchi State Football Associations (BAFA) and sponsored by State FA President Patrick Pascal, MON.

Pascal, speaking to reporters before the ceremony kicks off on Salah Day, said the competition was held to promote peace and unity among peoples and also to honor Professor Bogoro for his great contribution to youth and sports in the northeastern state.

“We all know that sport is a unifying factor in modern society, which is why we are organizing this tournament to preach peace and unity among us despite the security challenges facing the region.

“Professor Bogoro has also done a lot in Bauchi State in education and youth empowerment. Above all, a man who preaches about peace and unity between the people of Bauchi State and the nation as a whole. It’s our way of appreciating what he has done and what he will do in the future .

Pascal, who is also the Super Eagles team coordinator, said: “The tournament has started in Katagum and in the central zone, while hostilities will take center stage in the Bauchi zone in Salah”.

The competition is expected to last for two months, as the winners and finalists are expected to smile at home with tantalizing prizes.