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A Student’s Perspective on the New College | Education


The new Bermudian Springs Middle School is a modern and innovative place where students can thrive and learn in an open environment.

I was one of the lucky few who was able to visit the new building. My first impression when I saw it was the space and the light.

Beyond that, the gymnasium, the arts department, the science and music classes and the cafeteria left a mark on me. These places will hopefully thrill new college kids, just like they did me on the tour. The school has a modern and fresh atmosphere, while remaining attractive to college students.

After talking to my college sister, Evelyn, who currently attends Old School, I learned that she was hoping to see a more spacious and technologically advanced building. She particularly wanted futuristic and modern features to be included in the design; after I finish my tour, I believe his wishes will be granted.

As soon as you cross the main hallway, the bright light and open space are automatically noticeable. Windows are everywhere, showcasing natural light in every room, unlike the old college.

The windows offer an excellent view of the new grass pitch, which is another facility the school has, as well as the buffet style cafeteria, the terrace overlooking the main hallway and the gymnasium with a new regulation pitch, some thing that is not available in the old building.

Although larger than the old school, there is no wasted space and every detail is meticulously planned and thought out. Superintendent Shane Hotchkiss said the school’s themes are “flexibility and collaboration”.

These themes are evident in classrooms, portable tables and storage, modular classrooms and outdoor learning spaces. Movable doors are installed in many spaces that can separate the rooms, or bring them together in time of collaboration; this feature is something I wish I had experienced as a college kid.

A particularly notable feature of the school for me is the expansive music section, which includes a main choir room, orchestra hall, small music practice room, and instrument storage room.

The gymnasium, which can seat 750 people in its bleachers, and the fitness center, which has three TVs for staff and student use, should also be noted, as these are spectacular areas. It’s places like these that will allow college kids to branch out, try new things, and be creative while in school.

Opportunities like these were never available at the old college when I was there, and I think they will certainly benefit future students. My college experience was good, but it was limited due to the outdated school style.

The new accommodations will allow students to advance their studies in ways never seen before in Bermudian Springs. This college is an educational center of the future specially designed to adapt to the unknown times to come.

The opinions are those of Amelia Peters, a 10th grade student at Bermudian Springs High School. She toured the new college with gifted supportive professor Sarah Smith on Tuesday.

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