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Action against employees with links to terrorism will continue: LG Sinha


‘New Delhi should only talk to J&K people, especially young people

The people of the valley want to recover from past troubles and prosper with the Indians in the future

No J&K political leader is in jail or detained

In addition, Kashmiri Pandits and Kashmiri Muslims have also suffered greatly from terrorism.

Statehood would be granted to J&K at the appropriate time’

Srinagar, August 19: Lieutenant Governor (LG) Manoj Sinha said on Friday that no innocent government employees had been fired and action had only been taken against those with links to terrorism.

He said: “Those fired were involved in anti-national activities. We have concrete evidence against these people. They have been openly involved in assisting terrorists and have been involved in anti-national activities.

“The J&K administration did not harm any innocent government employees and only those found to be involved in terrorist activities or supporting terrorists were fired,” LG Sinha said.

He warned: “Those involved in a plot against the country or assisting terrorists will not be spared,” adding: “Actions against employees with ties to terrorism will continue.”

LG Sinha said this in an interview with BBC News Hindi.

Responding to a question about PDP Chairman Mehbooba Mufti’s frequent support for dialogue with Pakistan, Lt. Governor Sinha said, “That’s his (Mehbooba) opinion. But I am fully convinced that there is no need to talk with Pakistan. No dialogue with Pakistan is necessary and it will not yield any results. There are young people in particular and J&K people in general who should be trusted and whom New Delhi should talk to. The young people of J&K want to be part of the change that is happening all over the country”. So said LG Sinha in an interview with BBC News Hindi.

“The talks with Pakistan will yield no results as I believe there is no need to hold confabulations with the neighboring country,” LG Sinha said.

Commenting on the stone scrapings and hartals (strikes), the LG Sinha said J&K residents are fed up with past circumstances as Kashmir has seen most days of the year closed for all activities. “Businesses, transport, educational institutions, etc. remained closed for 100 days a year. People were fed up with these situations,” he said.

He added that the people of J&K want to recover from past troubles and want to prosper with the people of India in the future.

He also added that a handful of people are playing into the hands of the neighboring country and trying to destabilize peace in the region. “The handful of elements deceive the body of journalists with their false narrative and attempt to stir up trouble at J&K,” the LG added.

Regarding detentions after the repeal of Sections 370 and 35 (A), the LG maintained that no political leader in Jammu and Kashmir has been arrested so far. “I tell you in a responsible way and I record it that no political leader of J&K is detained or in prison”, he declared and added; “However, the elements that threaten the peace and security of the nation may have been arrested and kept in prison.”

Asked about the continued detention of Hurriyat (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, the LG said he was not arrested after the repeal of Section 370 nor detained under the Public Security Act (PSA). The LG said that keeping his family’s past in consideration, the security arrangements to his left and right were kept for his safety measure.

“The Mirwaiz was not detained. Keeping in mind the assassination of his father, the security in his environment has been tightened to ensure his safety. We don’t want any trouble. On our side, he is neither detained nor kept under PSA. He should decide for himself what he wants to do,” the lieutenant governor said.

Regarding the recent spate of targeted killings of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley, the LG said that every community in J&K was affected by terrorism, whether it was Kashmiri Pandits or Kashmiri Muslims. “It is a fact that few Kashmiri pundits have been deliberately killed in the recent past, but at the same time, we have to admit that there are also other faiths that have been targeted by terrorists,” he said. he said and added, “Muslims in Kashmir have also suffered badly because of terrorism”.

He said there was no need to see the actions of terrorists through the prism of religion. The LG also said that in the past three years not a single innocent man has been shot by security forces at J&K.

Asked about the assembly elections, the LG said Home Secretary Amit Shah of the Parliamen’s Prosecution had clarified that the elections would no doubt be held at J&K after following proper procedures. “The SM specified that first demarcation, then elections and finally statehood to J&K would be granted,” he said.

“Our country runs on the constitution. The electoral lists were drawn up six or seven years ago. The drafting of the ER has been resumed. They were 11 years old at the time, have reached 17 or 18 and now have the right to vote. I think the election commission will call the polls when the time is right,” the LG said.

He also said, “Let the timing come, J&K statehood will be granted accordingly.”

Asked about the detention of human rights activist Khurram Parvez, the LG said those who use HR politics and activism for terrorism at the behest of the ISI and who identify targets for them will not remain not go unpunished.

“The NIA filed an indictment against seven defendants in the LeT case under no. 30/2020. Khuram Parvez is the first defendant in the case. If he is an HR advocate, then God protect us from these HR activists,” the LG said.

“The NIA has footage and other evidence against him, including interviews with terrorists. Yet, if they felt bad, we have a justice system they should go to,” the LG added.