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AJ Student Prize 2022: University of East London


About the School of Architecture, Computer Science and Engineering

Location London E16 Course BSc (Hons) Architecture, MARs head of schooll David Tann Full time tutors 11 Part-time tutors 35 Students 220 Staff/student ratio 1:15

First cycle

Jama Hamda

Course BSc (Hons) Architecture
Brief studio/unit Rethinking space for activism, education and play in the context of the climate emergency: A new building for the Hackney Youth Parliament (Unit A)
Project title Integrated community

Project description This proposal is for a fully accessible and inclusive public building, where spaces are shared and designed to be inhabited, but also act as an extension of the public realm it faces. The Hackney Youth Parliament is at its centre, its main chamber defined by a public auditorium, circulation and atrium. The meeting space is designed to see and be seen. Its operation is supported by a series of formal mixed-use rooms on the middle floor, a workshop on the ground floor, and a roof garden and gym at the top.

Guardian Quote Hamda’s project is critically informed by her practical research into the everyday lives of young people and her sensitive reading of Hackney’s unique socio-spatial context, a result of its highly diverse and young population. Carsten Jungfer and Fernanda Palmieri


Dan Strasbourg

Course March
Brief studio/unit Open Space (Unit 2)
Project title Kidbrooke Youth Center and renatured park

Project description Set on unused green meadows in south-east London, this project examines alternative ways of sustainably developing green spaces through community-led workshops and crafts, as well as youth centers and education. He draws inspiration from alternative youth groups, including Kibbo Kift and Woodcraft Folk. The intervention also pursues a project of “renaturation” of wetlands while opening up new paths. He suggests a slow, grassroots method of development – self-built, self-grown with on-site materials and community ownership. Ponds and streams form a protected part of the park where groups of young people can play freely.

Guardian Quote The project is a civic and poetic infrastructure that engages a variety of people with nature through shared action. It is a place that inspires young people to connect with themselves, others and the natural environment. Christoph Hadrys and Uwe Schmidt-Hess