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ANCA at the Olympic Games


The Armenian National Committee of the America-East Region (ANCA-ER) was proud to be at the AYF Olympics in Providence to continue Hai Tahd’s advocacy efforts, recruit new early responders and brief members of the Armenian community of ANCA’s many youth empowerment programs.

As a grassroots organization, ANCA works at national, regional and local levels to fight for a free, independent and united Armenia. An important way to help move Hai Tahd forward is through the The NAFC Rapid Responder Program. Whenever the ANCA issues an action alert on issues ranging from stopping military aid to Azerbaijan to releasing Armenian prisoners of war, quick responders receive a round-the-clock overview of the letters. sent on their behalf to lawmakers on Capitol Hill. At the AYF Olympics in Providence, the ANCA-ER team worked to add to the more than 10,000 responders by educating people about the Rapid Responder program and registering them on site.

The ANCA team also spent the long weekend briefing participants on the many ANCA internship opportunities. At the NAFC table inside the Providence Convention Center, our team answered questions about their internship programs and encouraged young community members to get involved. The Leo Sarkisian Summer Internship, ANCA Haroutiun & Elizabeth Kasparian Summer Academy, Hovig Apo Saghdejian Capital Gateway Fellowship, and ANCA Rising Leaders Seminar all provide opportunities for young Armenian-Americans to explore careers in Washington, D.C. DC while working on pro-Artsakh / Armenia advocacy.

Through the Leo Sarkisian Summer Internship, interns participate in an eight-week program in Washington, DC. Last summer, interns played a key role in passing the bipartisan Pallone Amendment to the U.S. House’s Fiscal Year 2022 Foreign Aid Bill, have prepared advocacy videos to promote activism within the community and coordinated over 100 meetings to connect voters with their representatives in Congress. Leo Sarkisian interns also participated in seminars led by Armenian-American diplomats, lawmakers and professionals. The NAFC Summer Academy offers a similar week-long program in Washington, DC for high school students interested in learning more about Hai Tahd’s advocacy and careers in the nation’s capital. AYF Olympics attendees were keen to learn more about how to get involved in ANCA’s advocacy efforts. ANCA’s presence at the AYF Olympics in Providence reminded the community that anyone can be an activist for the Armenian cause.