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Assaulted and Humiliated: The Story of Adeshola Cole-Alegbe


… survived to become CEO of the year in London

The story of Adeshola Cole-Alegbe, Emerging CEO of the Year 2022 in London, is as interesting as it is repugnant. Her life and times as the only black girl in her British community were hellish. She was abused at home by mean foster parents, beaten at school because of her looks, branded a thief just to humiliate her, and hardened by racism. She was eventually ‘deported’ to Nigeria for cultural orientation and survived to become the 2018 Black Business Woman of the Year. That was pretty much the start. Just recently she received another award as Woman of the Year.

Born in Hackney in 1981, Adeshola has been the subject of much racial abuse due to her skin color and appearance. She grew up in Birmingham and was the only black person in her school at the time. She, indeed, had a difficult childhood having been taken in from the age of two to 11 years old. Adeshola’s relationship with her parents was somewhat hampered by the relationship she had with her adoptive parents, and she had a complicated relationship with her mother during her teenage years. When things got complicated with her adoptive parents, her parents decided to take Adeshola to Nigeria to have a more disciplined upbringing.

She went to ISSI and LASU and was only allowed to return to the UK after she graduated from university. Adeshola graduated with a second class division in English Literature. Like so many people at the time, Adeshola returned to the UK and did odd jobs here and there; cleaning, working in a bakery, and much more. She eventually got a job in a bank, which opened up a plethora of opportunities for her to work in a professional environment. She realized her passion for IT and mentorship during her Mather years, which led to the birth of Tritek Consulting Ltd, a multiple award-winning IT company based in London committed to helping candidates in the community. African women to get secure roles in the IT sector.

To date, Adeshola has helped over 700 candidates transition into IT roles and has received numerous awards including: Mentor of the Year, 2016, IT Business of the Year, 2020, and received the award of youth empowerment in 2021. She said, “My parents were Nigerian immigrants. Then busy working parents put their children in foster care. So I was in foster care with a family in Birmingham for about eight to ten years of my formative period. It was a very difficult growing experience; I experienced a lot of racism. “I was the only black person in my school, so try to imagine the racial discrimination I experienced. But, there was a good side to that. This period taught me to speak up, I refused to be judged or mistreated because of the color of my skin.

When I had to fight to stay relevant, I fought. “Today, when I look back, I’m grateful for that experience. I received practical life courses. This experience taught me the true meaning of resilience and helped me overcome the obstacles of everyday life. “Also, bringing me back to Nigeria was the best decision my parents ever made. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I had remained in the hands of my adoptive parents.

It also contributed to who I am today. “The establishment of Tritek Consulting Ltd has been a blessing for me and for many people, I feel lucky to contribute to the development of human capabilities and to help people who want to make the transition to the amazing world of technology. Generally , it was about touching lives. “In 2016, I received the Mentor of the Year award. I was also recognized as the 2018 ‘Woman of the Year’, as part of the Black Women in Business Award, and it helped my profile and business a lot.We were also nominated for IT Training Company of the Year 2020 by Southern Enterprise Award.We were recognized for Youth Empowerment 2020 by BLine.

“I also received a Rotary Club award for my philanthropy in 2022. And in May this year I received an award as Emerging CEO of the Year 2022 at the Annual Business Summit Global Honors London .” Adeshola said she expected to work on the Tritek expansion and according to her it is beyond my imagination. “I am looking beyond Nigeria, it is time to target other countries and raise awareness of the importance of IT and forge strategic partnerships. With the exposure we have now, we can work with different governments to promote IT initiatives and find ways to help people looking for a career transition. Work on more successes and build a global presence, she added. The IT guru took the opportunity of interaction to talk about the situation in Nigeria today, saying the problem of insecurity in the country is a shame.

“There are so many opportunities back home and many Nigerians abroad want to return home, but the security situation is just daunting. The government must do more to protect its people. Hopes, dreams and aspirations have been dashed by the problem of insecurity and if left unchecked, it will harm the future of the young generation. This is a serious threat to our existence as Nigerians. “On education, at the time, we were not doing badly with it, but lately, with the endless ASUU strike, the system is damaged. Strikes negatively affect young people because they are constantly delayed in their education and this makes planning so difficult.

I think we should have a targeted school curriculum and it should adapt to IT and digital transformation. “There should be more technology courses in our universities. Big companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. have their eyes fixed on Africa and seek to recruit our young talents. We must be positioned to seize these opportunities,” she said. Adeshola is happily married to Dele Alegbe with three lovely children. She loves music and listens to it a lot. “It helps me in so many ways. I go to spas and getaways and sometimes I just go somewhere to spend some personal time and reflect,” she added.


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