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Black Girl Hockey Club prepares to make its mark in Toronto – TheLeafsNation


The Black Girl Hockey Club is making its way to the city, with the help of fans like MLSE, they’re ready to take Toronto by storm.

Founded in October 2018, the Black Girl Hockey Club, or BGHC for short, is a grassroots non-profit organization that champions black women in hockey. The end goal is to see hockey become more inclusive for black women first, but also for their friends, families and people who support them. Founder and Executive Director Renee Hess created the Black Girl Hockey Club to open up a strong community and solidify space for black female hockey fans.

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BGHC’s mission, “is to inspire and sustain the passion for the game of hockey within the black community, especially with our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.”

This is a group where their activism is embedded in all aspects of their work. As it stands, the NHL is pushing a narrative pretty hard that claims hockey is for everyone. Many fans, especially BIPOC individuals, know that is not the case. The last year has seen a huge increase in issues related to race and racism in the sport at all levels, and it continues to increase. That’s where BGHC comes in with an initiative they launched about a year and a half ago called the Get Uncomfortable campaign.

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This weekend is full of exciting things that many BIPOC fans and BGHC volunteers can participate in. Four of the five events this week were coordinated by MLSE. Although many of these events are closed, Leafs fans still have the opportunity to meet in Maple Leafs Square before the game against Buffalo on April 12. If you want to join BGHC at the game, you can buy tickets here https://bit.ly/3qWRTHE

It is a step towards this organization which spreads its name all over the world. They are already well advanced with scholarship applications and recipients in Europe, Canada, the United States and even one in Kenya! In this round, thanks to the generous donations of its supporters, BGHC had the chance to award seven prizes. Dayton O’Donoghue, emerging community leader and member of the NHL Youth Advisory Council, from Toronto, is the winner of a $5,000 hockey scholarship from the Winter 2021 round of the Black Girl Hockey Club Scholarships . Keep an eye on her and her hockey future.

You can continue to support BGHC by donating, signing up to their newsletter and following them on social media. You can access their website here. Also keep an eye out for Renee Hess’ upcoming book ICE QUEENS: On Race, Community, and Black Women in Hockey.

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