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Breaking down the midterm election results: problematic youth voting and rewarding strong leadership



Endowed by our Creator. Protected by our Constitution. Defended every day by the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States of America.

We should thank our veterans, service members and their families every day of the year, but especially on Veterans Day. We live in the land of the free because of the brave and we must never forget their service and sacrifice for our country.

Freedom also comes to mind this week as we celebrate the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989. This led to the fall of Communism across Europe. President Ronald Reagan changed the earlier US policy of containment to one that sought to transcend communism. It worked.

Young people today are not fully aware of the seriousness of the situation under the “empire of evil”. Most do not learn from the failures of communism and socialism throughout world history.

Several exit polls conducted this week show that young voters overwhelmingly voted for the Liberal candidates. In many cases, their early votes did not show up in the polls because they helped neutralize the predicted “red wave”. Many suggest that the aggressive alignment with the left by many young people is a matter of self-interest on topics such as student loan debt and abortion. These questions had something to do with how they voted, but there is more to the debate.

Many young voters bought into the false narrative that inflation and the higher costs associated with it were caused by the war in Ukraine and price gouging by oil companies. They largely ignored the reality that inflation and gas prices were rising long before the Russian attacks on Ukraine. And they overlook the fact that massive new levels of federal government spending are playing a major role in driving up inflation. We need to better inform young people.

Tuesday’s other big takeaway is that candidates seen as problem solvers won their elections. Concrete example: each outgoing Republican governor of the country who presented himself won his election. And they won big.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got the most attention, and he deserved it. After narrowly winning in 2018, he won over 59% of the vote in 2022. Senator Marco Rubio won re-election with just over 57% of the vote.

In Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine won nearly 63% of the vote, while Republican JD Vance won the US Senate race with just over 53% of the votes cast.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp won with 53% of the vote, while Herschel Walker is up for election Dec. 6 as none of the Senate candidates received more than 50% of the vote.

In New Hampshire, Governor Chris Sununu garnered more than 57% of the vote. On the other hand, the Republican candidate for the Senate obtained a little more than 44%.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds got more than 58% of the vote, while Sen. Chuck Grassley got just over 56% of the vote.

In Texas, Governor Gregg Abbott got nearly 55% of the vote against the same guy who barely lost to Senator Ted Cruz in 2018.

Conservatives have come out on top when it comes to governors who stand for freedom. Overwhelmingly, these CEOs have managed to open up their states sooner than many of their liberal counterparts across the country. They reopened their economies and their schools.

Remember the attacks? A lawyer dressed as a Grim Reaper and walking the beaches of Florida. What about the politicians and pundits who said people were dying in Texas because of Mr. Abbott? Even at the end of the campaign, Stacey Abrams was still saying that Mr. Kemp had opened up the state too soon.

Each of these governors held firm and eventually opened their employers and schools in their respective states. It has made a real difference to the strength of their economy and the quality of their education system.

Although strong on economic issues, the leaders did not hesitate to act on social issues either. They signed some of the strongest and most reasonable pro-life legislation in the country. They pushed back against biological men competing in women’s sports. They locked up violent criminals. They pushed back against radical indoctrination based on race, sex and gender in public schools. And they put parents in charge of their children’s education.

Unlike many Republican candidates for federal office who seemed like they could only talk about the seriousness of President Biden, the GOP governors on the ballot actually got things done and they had positive plans for the future. Common sense conservative ideas work. We must be decisive, not divisive, in the struggle for freedom.

• Scott Walker is president of the Young America’s Foundation and served as Wisconsin’s 45th governor from 2011 to 2019.