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City seeks community feedback for two northwest Frisco parks


The entrance to the Northwest Community Park features plans for a wading pool. (Rendered courtesy of Design Workshop)

The City of Frisco will host an open house on June 9 to hear from residents about two parks being designed in northwest Frisco.

Frisco on the Green and Northwest Community Park are expected to begin construction in early 2023, said Conners Ladner, director of Design Workshop, the project’s lead landscape architect. Both parks are along Teel Parkway near the PGA of America headquarters.

Representatives from Design Workshop and the city will be in the atrium of the Frisco Public Library at 6101 Frisco Square Blvd. from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. to discuss the latest creations and answer questions.

In addition to asking questions, community members will have the opportunity to share their thoughts on the design of the two parks.

During the parks visioning process, Design Workshop held several engagement sessions with the goal of getting community feedback, Ladner said. Now that the design is 30% complete, he said it was the perfect time to meet again as there is still time for the project to evolve.

“We can show [community members] how we took that feedback and really started bringing those ideas to life, Ladner said. “We’re also hoping to hear feedback, things they like, things they think we could improve on.”

Cost estimates for both parks are expected to arrive within weeks, Ladner said.

Frisco on the Green is a 27-acre park that is expected to be 80% wetland. Ladner said the park will serve as an “outdoor laboratory” focused on “environmental education.”

“There’s not a lot of what we would call programming, which are built-in features,” Ladner said, adding that the design aims to enhance the existing landscape and increase the amount of wildlife in the area. .

The main feature of the park is a wildlife pavilion which will include an 800 square foot classroom and an 800 square foot viewing platform. Design Workshop has taken note of the animals on site, including monarch butterflies, deer, owls and hawks, and plans to do a follow-up survey once the park is built to see if their presence has increased, Ladner said.

“Habitats and ecologies are in decline across the country,” Ladner said. “This happens with new developments and growing locations. Frisco is really doing something incredibly special here by protecting these two parks and expanding them.

The Northwest Community Park is the larger of the two. Plans for the 120-acre project include playgrounds, a dog park, wading pools, an amphitheater and about 10 acres of “flex lawn,” Ladner said.

“This park already has existing bike lanes, so a lot of the design will be to improve those bike lanes, add parking, add restrooms. [and] a new entry place,” Ladner said.

Design concepts for both parks will be on display at the library until June 30, according to a press release. Residents can learn more and share their thoughts on the projects at www.shapeyourplay.com.