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CPI Secretary of State Kanam not sorry for refusing to defend Annie Raja against MM Mani | Kerala News


CPI Secretary of State Kanam Rajendran remained shameless for not standing up for Annie Raja when she was attacked by CPM leader MM Mani.

Kanam reportedly told the CPI Thiruvananthapuram district conference on Sunday that Annie Raja, as the national executive member of CPI, should have consulted with CPI state leaders first before commenting on issues related to the CPI. Kerala.

He said the state leadership of the CPI was under no obligation to come to the rescue of the Raja.

Senior CPI sources said Kanam told the Conference that he had written to the CPI national leadership requesting a discussion of Annie Raja’s comments. Kanam made these observations when responding to the general discussion on the IPC working report. The members had criticized Kanam for his mute response to Mani’s offensive remarks against Annie Raja during the general discussion.

Annie Raja had criticized MM Mani for the offensive remarks he had made against RMP MLA KK Rema at the Assembly. Provoked, Mani retaliated with a sentence containing a rude word to basically mean that her area of ​​work was in New Delhi. He added: “She better mind her business there, not here. How would she know about the problems we are facing in Kerala assembly. I don’t care what she says. I stand by what I said.

Not someone who is easily intimidated, Raja called Mani’s remarks misogynistic and condemnable. She said the DFL should check whether Mani’s words were correct or not. “I have been engaged in leftist and feminist political activism in Delhi for years. I will not bow to any threat. Even Narendra Modi or Amit Shah could not threaten me, Raja said.

CPI Idukki District Secretary KK Sivaraman was brandishing in his criticism of Mani for his offensive remarks against Raja. He called Mani’s remarks “extremely rude”. He reminded Mani that Brinda Karat also worked in Delhi. He said Mani’s rude remarks against Raja were the latest in a string of lewd comments he had made against female leaders.

Sivarama said it was very misleading to interpret Mani’s lyrics as some kind of earthy slang. “Working class people don’t use such language against each other,” he said.

Kerala Mahila Sangham and the youth wing of CPI All India Youth Federation (AIYF) had also registered their protest against Mani’s remarks on Raja.

Despite the general anger, Kanam thought it appropriate to ignore Mani’s attack on Raja. He declined to comment. He didn’t even respond to Mani’s “widowhood is her destiny” comment against Rema, saying it was a matter for the President to settle. Later, President M. B. Rajesh deemed Mani’s remarks in the Assembly against KK Rema as inappropriate and medieval in tone and asked Mani to withdraw them.

Besides Raja, CPI MP Binoy Viswam had also criticized Mani, but in watered down terms.