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Director of Campaigns and Advocacy


The Impact portfolio oversees Oaktree’s international and national impact work. We are working across the Asia-Pacific region with a special focus on Cambodia, Timor-Leste and Australia to deliver innovative capacity building programs for youth, with a focus on empowering youth in decision making. We also actively advocate for more equitable international development policies and practices that recognize the disproportionate impact of development challenges on young people in our region. The Director of Campaigns and Advocacy plays a critical role in this second impact area, overseeing Oaktree’s policy, sector and public advocacy work.

As a Director of Campaigns and Advocacy, a typical day might look like:
– Research, brainstorm and create campaign strategies to engage politicians, industry leaders and the public.
– Lead and manage a high performing team to support the implementation of a campaign and advocacy strategy.
– Liaise with political and sectoral actors to advance youth policies in the aid program.
-Work closely with the Impact Manager and other members of the Oaktree leadership team to shape Oaktree policy writing.
–Build the Oaktree evidence base on youth participation and civic engagement.

We are looking for someone who:
-Is a strategic thinker and problem solver
-Able to work in a fast-paced environment
-Has excellent oral and written communication skills
-Has an understanding of the Australian political system
-Has a keen interest in influencing international development policy
-Has a keen interest in the international development sector
-Has great attention to detail and the ability to implement complex processes

We privilege will to competence, determination to diplomas and passion to years of experience. So go ahead. Put your name forward!

What you will get out of it:
– Benefit from unprecedented autonomy and confidence to carry out advocacy strategies
-Have the necessary support and training to develop a range of skills
-Change your mindset, giving you the confidence to take on tasks and challenges you never thought you could before
-Gain skills in strategy, facilitation, people and project management, advocacy and communication that will continue in your career
-Build your personal network and be exposed to new opportunities
-Have your opinions challenged and broaden your perspective
-Lead and influence Oaktree’s campaign and advocacy strategy

TIME COMMITMENT: 15-18 hours per week | It’s a volunteer position
CLOSING OF APPLICATIONS: Monday, October 11, 2021 11:59 p.m.

Apply at: https://form.typeform.com/to/JjNfyxRM