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Don’t campaign for politicians, African China urges artists


Popular Singer Chinagorom Onuoha, aka African China, has called on his fellow artists to stop campaigning for politicians because they kill their fans this way.

In an interview with Sunday spoon, the Mister President The singer said: “Artists shouldn’t campaign for politicians. If they do this they are helping politicians kill their fans who love them.

The singer, who recently posted a video of himself apologizing to the National Youth Service Corps for using his uniform in one of his words. According to him, he only wanted to send a message about the alarming unemployment rate and the precariousness that is costing the lives of young graduates across the country.

On what inspired his new song titled, Photocopy, he said: “He was inspired by the drama of our politicians as they desperately seek power. They all want to have their piece of the national pie.

Onuoha said the change in the music industry from its inception till now has been positive as things are looking up and Nigerian artists have continued to win. The Grammys.

The singer also attributed the success he achieved in the music industry to contentment and hard work. He added: “The secret is simple. Be content with what you have and keep working hard.

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