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Empowering Humanity Through Philanthropy | THIS DAY


For Kelvin Onumah, known as First Son Abiriba, giving to humanity is an act of service. Through his Kelvin Jombo Foundation, the CEO of Sublime Group has championed the empowerment of young people, women and children, reports Precious Ugwuzor.

“Selfless effort to bring joy to others will be the start of a happier life for ourselves.” This quote attributed to Helen Keller is typical of Kelvin Onumah, a full-fledged silent director who for a decade or more has been making people smile.

Popularly known as Abiriba First Son, Onumah is the Chief Founder of Kelvin Jombo and CEO of Sublime Luxury Homes Ltd, Sublime Hotel & Apartment Sublime Industries Ltd, as well as the Kelvin Jombo Foundation, which lives according to the philosophy that “humanity is greater than status”.

Onumah, who is undoubtedly a successful businessman who has carved out a niche in real estate, importing clothing and textiles, forex trading, and hospitality businesses, has a daughter (Nene Jombo).

According to him, giving back or devoting his time to supporting those around him is extremely beneficial, both for you and for the community.

Essentially, giving back is a great way to get to know your community and its citizens, which makes you a grassroots person. “When you volunteer you have the opportunity to meet a lot of new people, working alongside people who care about improving their environment will allow you to expand your network of friends, he said.


For his immediate Abiriba community in Abia State and beyond, his philanthropy is legendary as he has had a positive impact on their lives through the Kelvin Jombo Foundation.

The foundation is an important network of peer-philanthropists of social investors committed to advancing international courses in Africa. The foundation’s goal is to empower young people, women and children across the continent to catalyze economic growth that will eradicate poverty and ensure job creation.

Since the establishment of the Kelvin Jombo Foundation, it has lived up to the vision and mission of its foundation by creating hundreds of direct and indirect jobs, reducing poverty and other development projects such as scholarship programs, health insurance, road construction, market development and others. .

According to Jombo, “At the Kelvin Jombo Foundation, we believe that the role of the private sector is essential for the development of Africa and that the private sector must create both social and economic wealth to strengthen national development.

Most recently, the Kelvin Jombo Foundation reported the reconstruction of a market (Affia Nkwo) in Abiriba. The flag-giving ceremony took place in the presence of the Enachioken in Council led by the Enachioken of Abiriba HRM Eze Kalu kalu Ogbu IV.

On the reasons why he ventured into market reconstruction, he said that the market which reminds him of his humble beginnings made him promise to build a modern market with all the necessary facilities.

Cushioning Effects of COVID-19

Health, they say, is wealth. To cushion the effect of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, Kelvin Jombo, through his foundation, distributed personal protective equipment to health centers in Abiriba.

Until recently, Jombo also distributed palliatives worth millions of naira to his people. The young entrepreneur from Abiriba realized that just like COVID-19, hunger is also a global threat and also proceeded to distribute food and agricultural palliatives such as more than 600 bags of five kilograms of fertilizer, 1,000 bunches of cassava stems, 1,000 five-kilogram bags of beans, 3,000 five-kilogram bags of rice, 2,500 yam tubers, 100 boxes of organic corn plants, 100 boxes of organic okro plants, 100 boxes of tomato plants, 1000 disinfectants, 1000 boxes of face masks and 300 boxes of noodles.

The disabled people of Abiriba also received cash gifts, while Abiriba Student Union also received a sign of support.

To his people and the beneficiaries of his philanthropy, his kindness is second to none, which is perhaps why the young people of Abiriba see him as a role model, mentor and leader. For the philanthropist, his love for his people and the need to empower them are too dear to his heart to die anytime soon.