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First Bank reinforces its commitment to youth empowerment and entrepreneurship – Blueprint Newspapers Limited


One of Nigeria’s leading financial service providers, First Bank of Nigeria has once again reinforced its commitment to youth empowerment and entrepreneurship by sponsoring the “First Class Material” docuseries of the Linda Ikeji TV stables.

First Class Material is a docu-series designed to celebrate Nigerians who excel in various fields of endeavor, whether they are academics or not. It is a program that aims to chronicle the successes of Nigerians who are distinct and exemplary in their accomplishments and, above all, a testament to the greatness of the West African country.

These docuseries aim to make education, vocational training and skills training trendy, attractive and fashionable for the human capital of the nation by celebrating and rewarding innovators and pioneers in various sectors.

FirstBank was the official sponsor of the first edition of First Class Material from Linda Ikeji TV and based on its success, the Bank is now also sponsoring Season 2 which will start in the 3rd week of August.

This innovative partnership would allow viewers to be exposed to Nigerians around the world who have carved out a niche for themselves by being exemplary and influential in their chosen endeavors and career path. Success stories of notable firsts and trailblazers would be featured prominently, with viewers encouraged to push boundaries and leave nothing to be desired to make their dreams come true.

Like the first season, which featured outstanding personalities, the coming season promises to share truly inspiring stories of great exploits and achievements from some of the most humble Nigerians across the country and around the world. The goal of FirstBank is to inspire young people and encourage them to make informed choices, essential to secure their future while having an impact on humanity and society as a whole.

FirstBank, historically, has had various interventions in promoting thought leadership and promoting initiatives that will stimulate the advancement of skills acquisition and capacity building for Nigerian youth to prepare them for a bright future. .