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Forest School Projects for Downtown Elementary School Supported by Board of Trustees


A downtown elementary school has been given the green light to use nearby land as a forestry school.

Board members unanimously backed plans to allow St Giles Primary School to use Madeira Hill for outdoor educational purposes.

The last time the school used the land as a forestry school was in 2003, when staff and students created a pond and planted trees and low fences.

However, with the site unsecured, a year later the school asked the Council to take control of the site and maintain it alongside the other areas of Madeira Hill.

A high secure fence was then erected to protect the school boundaries.

Due to the emphasis on outdoor learning in the new curriculum, the school had requested the use of part of the land at Madeira Hill for use as a forestry school.

Speaking to the board on Tuesday morning, senior education board member Phil Wynn said: “This project has been underway for a few years and has been hampered by the pandemic.

“But I think what the pandemic has shown is that all schools want to educate children more outdoors than indoors.

“This proposal allows St. Giles, which is a municipal school in the city, to expand its footprint, which will then allow it to form a forestry school that they can take advantage of.

“It was a pleasure to work with the leaders to present this report to the Board of Directors today.

“I wish the project well, as it is obvious that every child in our authority deserves the best educational opportunity we can provide.

“It will obviously enhance that experience for the kids at St. Giles Elementary School.”

Cllr Paul Roberts, who represents the Erddig district, welcomed the report and added: ‘It will be great to see it put together for the cultural and educational purposes of the school.

Board members have agreed to authorize the appropriation of land on Madeira Hill from Environment to Education for St Giles.

The terms of use will now be negotiated by the Director General of Habitat in consultation with the Head of Finance and Performance.

The intention to use a section of Maderia Hill as open space for the school will now be announced, with any objections reported to the board.

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