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Get Your Vote Back: When We All Vote, It Attracts Young Voters | New


Even though 2018 saw the highest turnout for a midterm election since 1914, nearly 50% of voters did not participate. It was also the highest youth turnout in decades at a midterm election, but nearly two-thirds of young people did not vote.

when we all vote, a nonpartisan initiative launched by former First Lady Michelle Obama, is working to close the race and age gap in voter turnout. Executive Director Stephanie Young said while there are new challenges that make it harder for young people to vote, such as recent provisions that reduce early voting days or invalidate student cards, there are also social barriers that also play a role.

“Often the barriers for young people are that no one asks them to vote,” said Young, who added “we know that a good percentage of young people did not vote in the last midterm elections because ‘they said no one asked them.

Young says when we all vote is on a mission to change the culture around voting to increase turnout among young and black voters and hopes its partnership with BET on the 2022 #ReclaimYourVote campaign can help achieve the specific goals they set out ahead of the mid-election. -mandate. The organization has worked alongside other organizations this year to recruit and train at least 100,000 volunteers, register more than a million new voters and recruit thousands of lawyers to protect voters across the country.

when we all vote hosted a week of action that included a virtual rally featuring former First Lady Michelle Obama and will culminate today with a Twitter Space conversation about the impact of gerrymandering on communities of color. Other events this week included local voter engagement training across the country and discussions on the state of environmental justice.

In 2020, when we all vote reached over 100 million people and helped over 500,000 people register to vote. In addition to communities of color, they also emphasize youth voter turnout and provide financial support to college campuses to get out the ballot efforts.

Young says that since Gen Z is the most diverse voting bloc and makes up at least 10% of voters nationwide, part of their appeal to young voters is to show the added impact that voting can have over time and why it matters.

“Democracy is a two-player sport, and it’s a stable game,” said Young who added, “That’s why it’s so important for us to constantly invest in it.”

And while traditionally candidates have been the ones to appeal to voters, given that new laws and proposals have created roadblocks that impact black and brown voters, When we all voteThe 2022 midterm election campaign aims not just to reclaim the vote, but to underscore its potential for influence.

“We are not going to allow people to scare or intimidate us away from voting and away from this power that we have. So, it is we who are literally reclaiming our power. And not just our vote,” Young said.

Young also recognizes the lack of patience that young people can feel, especially with the issues they are most passionate about.

“The right to vote protects all other rights,” said Young, who added, “To create real systemic change on criminal justice reform, climate change, reproductive rights, and all the issues that matter to us, we must combine our activism in the streets with our voting at the polls. »

when we all vote encourages your participation in the #ReclaimYourVote 2022 campaign by registering to vote and visiting their website for voter rights resources to ensure you are ready to vote. You can also join advocacy efforts by starting a chapter in your community or a club in your school.

Visit Claim Your Vote: Your Voice, Your Power, Our Democracy for more information.

Visit vote.gov to register to vote, check your registration status, and find voter registration deadlines.