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Global Children’s Fund and Avast Foundation launch fund for youth-led social change


WASHINGTON and PRAGUE, November 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Global Children’s Fund (GFC) and Avast Foundation announce today the Spark Fund, a new fund to support youth-led and youth-focused groups around the world who tackle injustice and inequalities, foster transformational change and build a more inclusive world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened inequalities across the world and created an opening for change. GFC and the Avast Foundation created the Spark Fund based on their shared commitment to empower the next generation to advance human rights in the digital age. Additional partners Catch22 and Shared nation provide support for research and technological development.

The Spark Fund puts key decisions in the hands of young people and provides young leaders and their organizations, networks and movements with flexible funding and capacity development. Through a participatory grant-making process, regional panels of young people in Africa, Americas, Asia, and Europe and Eurasia will make funding decisions using a unique and interactive technology platform. A global steering group made up of young people from GFC Youth Leadership Council and Youth Board of the Avast Foundation, in collaboration with representatives of the fund’s partner organizations, provides strategic oversight.

“Together, we can champion youth leadership, ensuring that young people have the tools and resources to develop new solutions to existing problems,” said GFC President and CEO. John hecklinger. “Young people have demonstrated incredible resilience and innovation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and they deserve more than a return to the status quo. ”

“We know that young people have a unique perspective, and we are delighted to encourage investment in their innovation and creativity to solve persistent social problems,” said Shane ryan, Global Executive Director of the Avast Foundation. “The work of building a more inclusive and equitable world is a journey of generations, and we are proud to support the young people who are already leading the way towards that future.”

The first round of grants will be awarded to youth-led and youth-focused groups in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. Groups from these countries wishing to apply should send an email [email protected] through 21 November. Ten panelists aged 18 to 30 from Europe and Eurasia are currently designing and leading the grant making process in this region. Applications for young panelists from Africa, Asia, and the Americas will open in 2022.

“We are delighted to be working alongside the Avast Foundation and the Global Children’s Fund as part of the Spark Fund to develop a cutting-edge approach to online social engagement and digital citizenship,” said Kat Dixon , Director of Partnerships at Catch22. “We will find new ways for young people to thrive online, equipping them with the skills they need in an online world and preparing them for challenges. “

The innovative technology platform supporting the Spark Fund will facilitate democratic decision-making and enable young leaders to engage in learning, networking and capacity development across borders. The platform will also focus on testing and learning to ensure the end product works for youth-led decision making, while protecting digital security and user privacy.

The Spark Fund is currently seeking additional funders. For more information, please visit globalfundforchildren.org/initiatives/the-spark-fund/ and foundation.avast.com/ourwork / pprograms / spark.


Kyra Gurney
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Global Children’s Fund
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Nathalie Lombardi
Senior Communications Officer
Avast Foundation
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About the Global Children’s Fund

The Global Children’s Fund is joining forces to build a world where all children and young people enjoy the same resources and opportunities in society and live free from violence, discrimination and exploitation. To this end, GFC invests in innovative local organizations, helping them to deepen their impact and develop their capacity for social change. Together, GFC and its partners advance the rights of children and youth facing poverty and injustice and equip them with the tools and skills to reach their full potential. Since 1997, GFC has invested $ 51 million in more than 900 organizations, reaching over 11 million children and young people around the world.

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About the Avast Foundation

The Avast Foundation was founded by Avast (LSE: AVST), a global leader in digital security and privacy, in 2021 to help empower digital citizens around the world by supporting digital freedom and citizenship. It builds on a decade-long program of extensive philanthropic activity in countries where Avast has offices and employees. The global foundation works in partnership with individuals and communities, NGOs, charities and educational institutions to tackle issues of digital exclusion, remove barriers to digital access and advocate for digital citizenship and civic participation. Its programs are designed to effect meaningful change and help shape a world where technology plays a positive role in building and sustaining communities.

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About Catch22

Catch22 has been a charity for 200 years. Today we are working across child welfare, providing alternative education, empowering people to work through apprenticeship and employability programs, building stronger communities through advocacy and provide social justice and rehabilitation services (in prisons and in the community). We are investing in new ideas that will improve outcomes for our service users. We are making reforms through our existing services, partnering with others and creating new organizations. As a social enterprise, we have the heart of a charity and the mindset of a business.

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About Shared Nation

Shared Nation is a collective giving platform that enables groups large and small to jointly make effective and fair decisions about how to invest common resources in good causes. The platform creates an educational, enjoyable and effective digital experience, enabling participants to have a greater impact together than they would on their own.

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