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Global Green Economy discusses the role of young people in climate change


The United Nations recognizes the key role that young people play in the fight against climate change and works closely with youth-led organizations to empower them and participate in decision-making processes on climate change. climate change policy.

Instead, on the second day of World Green Economy Summit (WGES) in Dubai presented different round tables with experts and opinion leaders to discuss the importance of ysouth in the climate action implemented and the solutions needed to reach the UAE nand-zero in 2050.

More than 150 young people from across the region took part in the conference, in addition to 30 expert, specialist and VIP speakers. The two-day conference covered a range of topics related to developing youth skills in global climate policies, ways to empower them, make their voices heard in climate action policies and the role of government in supporting them. .

The topic of the panel – “How youth activism is moving the needle on climate change”, discussed ways to empower young people to play an influential role in building a sustainable future, accelerating transition to renewable energy and create positive change in society. A public-led public debate showed how the next generation is mobilizing as a collective entity and voice and how to effectively harness the potential of young people to tackle global sustainability issues.

Speakers participating in the session praised DEWA’s efforts to actively engage young people in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and convert them into promising programs.

Aysha Mohammad Alremeithi, Youth Council Chair and Deputy Director of Innovation Ecosystem – Solar Innovation Hub, DEWA said, “With the support of senior management, the DEWA Youth Council strives to provide a motivating positive environment that helps unleash the energies and abilities of young people to be a major supporter of DEWA’s excellence and leadership.The Council also builds bridges of communication with other youth councils across the United Arab Emirates to raise awareness of the role of clean and renewable energy in achieving sustainable development.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Vice Chairman of Dubai Supreme Energy Council, MD and CEO of DEWA and Chairman of WGEO said, “Inspired by the vision and direction of our wise leadership to empower young people and involve them in decision-making and sustainable development. development efforts, DEWA believes in the central role of young people in national work, especially in climate action. This supports the ambitious UAE Centenary Goals 2071; the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and the Dubai Net Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy 2050 to supply 100% of Dubai’s total electricity capacity from clean energy sources by 2050.

Al Tayer also explained that DEWA is one of the largest government organizations keen to recruit, qualify and develop the national caliber of young people. The number of young employees at DEWA is 3,464, which represents 30.9% of the total number of employees.

“DEWA strives to invest in the potential of young people and provide an interactive forum to empower and engage them in anticipating and shaping the future and in achieving sustainable development. DEWA highly values ​​the support of its Youth Council and its role in building bridges of communication with other youth councils across the UAE,” Al Tayer concluded.

The 8th World Green Economy Summit (WGES) was organized by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), the World Green Economy Organization (WGEO) and the Supreme Council Dubai Energy, in collaboration with several international organizations. The Summit brought together experts, officials and ministers from several countries to advance the global sustainable development agenda.

Some other major topics covered on the second day were; Dubai’s net zero strategy, sustainability in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the adoption of hydrogen as the fuel of the future. The session also saw the launch of a landmark new study on hydrogen industry priorities, building on the UAE-UK collaboration on clean hydrogen.