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GRETB awards more than 138 K € to support youth services


The Galway-Roscommon Education and Training Council has received € 138,877 to support youth services in the two counties.

The Minister for Children, Equality, Handicap, Integration and Youth, Roderic O ‘Gorman, this week announced funding of 1.72 million euros for the youth services of AND B.

GRETB’s funding includes € 57,866 in grants of less than € 5,000 and an additional € 81,011 for larger grants.

“Youth services play a vital role in our communities, providing support and guidance to young people and empowering them to reach their full potential,” said Minister O’Gorman.

“They have been at the forefront of reaching out to young people throughout this pandemic, helping to reduce social isolation, providing them with a space in person or online, to meet their peers and raise concerns. challenges of Covid-19. ”

“I know that clubs and services work hard to improve the well-being of young people, and by providing opportunities for personal development, they help young people achieve better social outcomes and better understand the world around them.”

“I have no doubt that this funding will support services to deliver real benefits to the lives of young people as they face the ongoing challenges posed by Covid-19.”

In addition to grants for services provided by ETBs, the Minister also awarded € 564,032.98 in capital grants to 24 national youth organizations.

The grants are intended to support organizations and clubs with upgrading work, the purchase of new equipment, ICT for the provision of online services, ventilation improvements and adaptations of outdoor spaces to facilitate youth services to organize outdoor activities.