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Harry and Meghan Markle applaud the youth activism movement


Harry and Meghan Markle applaud youth activism movement for creating a safer internet

  • As parents of two young children in California, Harry and Meghan expressed their thanks to the young defenders
  • In addition, they thanked the public servants who listened to them and acted in favor of a measure that
  • If passed, it would make the internet safer for children.

The full statement is provided below:

At Archewell, we believe the Internet is one of the most important tools for people around the world to build community, stand together for good, and create economic opportunity. And as we’ve advocated for a number of years, we also believe the internet should be a better, safer and healthier place, especially for families.

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Today, we salute the incredible young people in California and across the country who believe the same and have taken it upon themselves to demand that the tech industry better protect children in the design of social media platforms.

The recent Design It For Us campaign helped raise awareness of a historic new policy – ​​the California Age-Appropriate Design Code – which, when finalized, will help ensure that all children in our state are safer when they are online. We are so encouraged to see the next generation rising up, speaking out and pushing for a better digital environment for themselves and their peers. We are also encouraged to see our public leaders actively responding to the reality and extent of harm online.

Archewell is committed to advancing this cause alongside young people and advocates like the 5Rights Foundation – a charity focused on imagining a better digital future – which recently teamed up with Prince Harry to hear directly from young people on what they want to see world leaders do to address their online safety concerns.

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On social networks, the safety and well-being of young people must be a priority above all else. Children and teens need to be able to reach their full potential, both online and offline, and parents need to be confident in the knowledge that their children are safe. It is time that our online spaces and the way they are designed reflect this belief.

As parents of two young children in California, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex express their deepest gratitude to these young advocates, their supporters and all the leaders who listened and acted. Your tireless dedication will help make the Internet a safer and more hopeful place.