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Highlights from Rockwall ISD Board Meeting August 15 – Blue Ribbon News


ROCKWALL, TX (August 16, 2022) The following is a press release from Rockwall ISD summarizing Monday evening’s RISD board meeting (8/15/2022).


The Board of Trustees recognized Mentors for the 2022 Extended School Year. The ESY Mentorship Program began in 2018. This summer, 17 middle and high school students volunteered to support and work with their peers with disabilities. These mentors contributed a total of 517 hours.

Region 10 Representative

The Board of Trustees has approved endorsement of a representative from Region 10 for the position of Texas Association of School Boards Board of Trustees.

Board Representative on Rockwall ISD Finance and Budget Committee

Rockwall ISD has and continues to emphasize financial transparency and a commitment to sound fiscal management. To help provide consultative direction and transparency, the board established the District Finance and Budget Committee as a subcommittee of the board. The Board has appointed Trustee Amy Hilton to serve on the Committee. Generally, the committee will meet regularly with members of the administrative team to review and hear information regarding district finances, budget information, legislative updates, etc.

Summer School Update

In June, July and August, Rockwall ISD staff served 1,399 students: 695 elementary students and 704 high school students. These student groups include bilingual students, ESL students, special education students, and general education students. The summer school aims to identify and address students’ specific learning gaps and prepare them for the 2022-2023 school year.

STAAR 2022 Update and District “A” Responsibility Rating

District leadership has provided a performance summary for the Spring 2022 STAAR assessment for Rockwall ISD grades 3-11 students. Today, the district announced an “A” accountability rating from the Texas Education Agency, the third year for the highest rating. Superintendent Dr. John Villarreal thanked teachers, staff, students and families for their hard work in achieving the state’s highest grade.

Update of construction projects

As a rapidly growing school district, Rockwall ISD is constantly evolving as the district continues to grow and add more students and staff. The Operations Department supports the District by providing assessment, evaluation, and improvement of District facilities to create the best possible learning environment for our students and staff.

The Operations Department has been and currently manages numerous building projects to help facilitate the district’s goal of providing authentic and innovative learning environments. These many projects include, but are not limited to:

  • 9eGrade Centre(s) – North and South
  • RHHS Multipurpose Tennis Facility
  • Wilkerson-Sanders Turf Replacement
  • Interior renovation of the aquatic center
  • Farm Facility Fire Alarm Replacement
  • Cullins-Lake Pointe Furnishing Replacement
  • Interior Paint – Amy Parks-Heath, Cullins-Lake Pointe, Aquatic
  • Site paving projects – Amy Parks-Heath, Cullins-Lake Pointe
  • Fine Arts Projects – Stage Curtains for RHS & RHHS Performing Arts Centers and Middle Schools
  • Fine Art Projects – RHS and RHHS Piano Lab Equipment Replacements
  • College #4
  • Amanda Rochell Elementary School Replacement School
  • Cain & Williams MS additions and renovations

Favorable results from selling bonds with lower interest cost Summary

The Administration priced the Rockwall ISD Unlimited School Building Bonds Transaction, Series 2022a on June 23, 2022. The following is a summary of the results of this transaction:

*Series 2022a bonds are priced with a net premium that will result in a deposit of $115,000,000 into the RISD project fund on July 20, 2022.

  • Rockwall ISD maintained its excellent underlying Aa2 (Moody’s) and AA (S&P) ratings in addition to Aaa/AAA Permanent School Fund (PSF) collateral ratings.
  • The projections used for the December Board meeting presentation were based on a 4.68% TIC. The final TIC for the 2022a series was 4.3521%, resulting in a decrease of $10,091,118 in interest expense from the original projections.

Board Approves Completion of Consulting Services Project

The Board of Directors has approved the implementation of the following 2021 bond projects:

  • college stage curtains,
  • Replacement of the agricultural facility fire alarm, and
  • Billie Stevenson Replacement of the elementary PA system.

Council approves services for outdoor learning center

The Board of Directors has approved the consultancy services and method of project delivery/contract award for the Rockwall ISD Outdoor Learning Center project.

Board Approves Competitive Sealed Proposal for RHHS Multi-Purpose Tennis Building

The Board has approved the award of a $1,391,026.09 contract to RA Ramos for the Rockwall-Heath High School Multi-Purpose Tennis Building.

Board approves 2022 tax rate for fiscal year 2022-23

The Board of Directors approved the 2022 tax rate for the 2022-2023 fiscal year as follows:

Council approves district’s wealth equalization plan for 2022-23

The Board has approved the Option 3 Wealth Equalization Plan for the Purchase of Attendance Credits (Netting Chapter 48 Funding) with the Texas Education Agency.

Board Approves Delegation of Contracting Authority to Superintendent for Chapter 49 Statute

The Board of Trustees approved the delegation of contractual authority to require the School District under Texas Education Code (TEC) §11.511(c)(4) to the Superintendent to purchase attendance credits for net against Chapter 48 funding.

Board Approves Guaranteed Intermediate Maximum Price #2 (Steel Set) for Rockwall High School and Rockwall-Heath High School Grade Nine Centers

Board Approved Intermediate Guaranteed Maximum Price (IGMP) #2 (Steel Set) for Rockwall High School and Rockwall-Heath High School Grade Nine Center Projects in the amount of $15,031,994.00 .

Board approves EIC policy (LOCAL)

The Board approved the removal of language from the EIC (LOCAL) policy that applied to the class of 2022 and earlier.

Council approves DEC policy (LOCAL)

The Board of Directors has approved the bereavement leave policy for employees in the DEC (LOCAL) policy.

House Bill 3 Teacher Incentive Allocation Update

District leadership provided the board with an update regarding the Local Designation System for Teacher Incentive Allocation (TIA) approved in the 86th Legislative Session as part of Bill 3.

The TIA was created to recognize effective teachers at three different levels: Recognized, Exemplary, and Master. These teacher designations generate additional teacher-focused funding for districts to reward top-performing teachers.

Press release submitted by Rockwall ISD, edited for publication in Blue Ribbon News.

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