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I avoided the money ritual, smoked Indian hemp, waited 15 years to break even – Actor Lateef Adedimeji


Nollywood actor Lateef Adedimeji has told how he avoided the money ritual, resisted smoking Indian hemp and waited 15 years to rise to fame as a comedian.

The actor made this known on Sunday while speaking on the topic “Youth Empowerment” during the NTA Channel 10 Ramadan conference.

The 36-year-old actor and Islamic preacher advised young people not to give up on God in their quest for success.

The actor, who spoke in Yoruba, said young people who are content with a ritual of money will suffer without remedy.

Adedimeji said, “So many able-bodied youngsters like me are now opting for the money ritual. What is the Money Ritual? Only a fool will not work and will want to get rich. Some so-called father somewhere tells you to mix this and that to make money. If you do, you will suffer and there will be no one to deliver you.

“I would have indulged in non-printing things if it weren’t for my understanding. I only gained this notoriety that I have today after 15 years in my industry.

“At that time, I had people that we were wrestling with together that God lifted up before me. If my understanding was superficial I would have approached them and asked them to show me the way, take me to the catapult that lifted them up but I went back to my Islamic mentor then to complain that my prayers didn’t had not been granted. but he told me that the doors would open at the right time.

Adedimeji recalled how he was paid 1,000 Naira for a lead role in a Nollywood movie in Kwara State after 10 days there, adding that everything changed today because he was on God’s side.

“I remembered the day when they wanted to teach me how to smoke Indian hemp and I was told that my brain would become very light after taking the substance and would be able to assimilate movie lines better but I refused,” he said.

The celebrity said he avoided critics who told him not to post Islamic verses on his social media handles, adding that he had since received numerous brand mentions.

“For every young person like me, stay true to Allah and you will achieve whatever you want to achieve in life,” he added.

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