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Ipswich schoolchildren move the classroom out


Bringing nature into the classroom is no easy task – but students at an Ipswich Primary School were treated to a day where they took the class to nature.

Children of Rushmere Hall Primary School participated in the first annual Outdoor Learning Day, which was created to encourage young people to spend more time outdoors to promote their emotional well-being.

The day’s activities included singing songs around a campfire, creating insect shelters and swimming in a pond.

Outdoor learning with the Rushmere Hall Grade 2 class
– Credit: Ian Plowman

It was inspired by the school‘s outdoor explorer badge program, which allows children to work together on lessons on a range of themes, including storytelling, performance, nature and culture.

Each new learning experience allows children to collect badges that they can display in their classroom.

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Beth Rogers, Deputy Director, said: “We are so lucky to have such a range of outdoor spaces here at Rushmere Hall and it was amazing to see all of our kids using the space in such different ways.

“We had kids in foster classes looking for natural objects to make story sticks, kids from Key Stage 1 weaving with leaves and twigs, and kids from Key Stage 2 learning about frogs. and other creatures that inhabit our home pond. ”

The school intends to organize an outdoor learning event every year, to build on this year’s success.