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Judy Smith thanked for 26 years of service to local youth


Recently retired Franklin County Cooperative Extension 4-H Community Education Assistant Judy Smith reads a card during a surprise retirement presentation Friday afternoon, September 24. Smith, who retired this summer after 26 years, was called to Worthley Arena on Farmington Fairgrounds because of an alleged issue with the 4-H dairy goat show. Advertiser Pam Harnden / Livermore Falls

FARMINGTON – On Friday afternoon September 24, a surprise thank you was presented to Judy Smith at Farmington Fair.

Judy Smith receives a hug from Tara Marble right during a surprise retirement reconnaissance at Farmington Fair on Friday afternoon September 24. Smith was a 4-H Community Educator Assistant for Franklin County Cooperative Extension for 26 years before her retirement this summer. Advertiser Pam Harnden / Livermore Falls

She was asked to come to Worthley Arena – a place where Smith spent many hours – due to an issue with the 4-H dairy goat show, Tara Marble 4-H Professional said ahead of the arrival by Smith.

Smith, who was Franklin County Cooperative Extension’s 4-H community education assistant for 26 years, retired at the end of July. She and her husband Leslie operate the More Acres farm in East Dixfield.

“We invite you as the guest of honor to our annual meeting,” said Marble. “The Executive Committee put these things in place, we wanted to be able to share them with you. Thank you for all of your 26 years of service at the Farmington Fair and for all that you have been involved in.

Most of the 4-H programs in those years were done by Smith alone, Marble noted. Marble joined the Franklin County 4-H team in 2017 – prior to that, Smith was the only 4-H extension staff member.

“We will miss you,” Marble said. “We wish you all the best in the future.”

Past and present staff as well as members of the Franklin County Executive Committee were in attendance. Rupert Pratt, Chairman of the Board of Farmington Fair, also stopped by to thank Smith for his work with area youth and fair programs.

Not good at giving last-minute speeches, Smith said she enjoys her job.

“I will always hang out at fairs and do whatever I can to help,” she said. ” Thanks all for coming. You all did a great job getting me here! “

Three-year-old Kellee Ouellette from New Vineyard performs in a rain puddle at the Farmington Fair on Friday afternoon, September 24. The rain prompted those responsible for the fair to cancel the events planned that evening. Advertiser Pam Harnden / Livermore Falls

After the presentation, the 4-H Dairy Goat Show went as planned. All subsequent events of the fair have been canceled due to sometimes heavy rains.

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