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KWC donates 131 beds and mattresses to local associations


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Kentucky Wesleyan College recently donated a total of 131 beds and mattresses to local nonprofits. They provided 80 to Friends of Sinners, 36 to Empowerment Academy and 15 to Boulware Mission.

Summer renovations to the KWC campus include new beds and mattresses at Peeples Hall, a student residence, and College management wanted to donate the old beds to local nonprofits.

“We’ve been looking to donate the beds and mattresses to people who need them, and we’re thrilled that these great organizations can put them to good use,” said Scott Kramer, vice president of facilities and executive initiatives.

Jordan Wilson, director of development at Friends of Sinners, expressed his thanks for the donation. Friends of Sinners is a Christ-centered residential substance recovery program.

“KWC has been a great help to us as we prepare to move into our new facility, and this is the first furniture we’ve received for the building,” he said.

The Boulware Mission also thanked KWC for the beds and mattresses. The Boulware Mission helps displaced people become self-sufficient through treatment, education and services.

“Our ultimate goal is to use beds from a newly renovated transitional wing within the next year,” said general manager Amy Pride.

The Empowerment Academy enables students to reach their educational potential by providing safe, long-term housing with access to basic necessities and life skills training.

“We were thrilled to receive all of the beds and mattresses needed for the homeless teenagers who will be housed in our new building on Ohio Avenue across from English Park,” said Rhonda Davis, chair of the board of trustees. Empowerment Academy. “We will provide a safe, supervised and nurturing environment for young people in Owensboro who need safe housing to complete their education. Thank you so much Kentucky Wesleyan for reaching out to organizations like ours where your blessings can be shared with others.