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Las Vegas nonprofit nominated for Nobel Prize


Yeah… THAT Nobel Prize. In a recent press releaseJA in the world announced that it was nominated for the 2022 Nobel Prize of Peace. This prestigious honor is usually given to an individual rather than an organization, making it an even greater achievement. JA in the world is one of the world’s largest non-governmental organizations serving young people. The organization prepares young people for employment and entrepreneurship and has been doing so for over 100 years. Each year, the network, made up of more than 590,000 volunteers and teachers, serves more than 10 million students in more than 100 countries. In response to the Nobel Prize nomination, JA Worldwide CEO Asheesh Advani said, “Peace is only possible when young people in all countries and regions have economic empowerment. JA Worldwide is honored to receive this nomination and will continue its work to empower all young people with the skills and mindset to build thriving communities. Our greatest hope for solving the world’s most complex problems lies in the young people of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Southern Nevada Junior Achievement is a member of the JA Global Network and works locally with our children here in Clark County. In their press release, the CEO and President Michele Jackson also commented on the nomination. “In most parts of the world, the reality is that young people don’t have the tools to pursue their future in a smarter way. It’s also true everywhere Nevadaespecially in our low-income neighborhoods, where children struggle to overcome the daily challenges of their lives, often to meet their basic food, clothing and housing needs. junior achievement the programs are a game-changer and simply need to be provided to equip young people with the knowledge to break the cycle of poverty.

The 2022 Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo in November. Good luck to our local JASNV. We are proud of you !

–Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ Las Vegas

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Top 5 things that make us smile

Come find out that the average person will encounter 11 things and/or situations a day that will actually make them smile! Did you know ? If you think about it, it’s amazing, 11 things that will at least make you smile and for this moment, make you feel good!

Considering what’s going on in the world today, wouldn’t it be great if that was all it takes to be a better person? Think if you could do 20 or even 50 things and/or situations you found yourself in that made you smile!

Now we’re talking about simple things like hanging out with an old friend. How many times have you come across a friend shopping, dining or just running errands and seeing that person make you smile.

Another example would be eating your favorite meal! Know I know these are huge deals when you think about it, but imagine the smile on your face when you sit down to your favorite pizza, your steak or just a juicy cheeseburger, the smile you have when you know it doesn’t get better than this!

Other things that are on the list that just make us smile… surprises, spending time outdoors, even listening to your favorite song can knock that frown down! Although the article was published by Digital SWNSa publication from England, I have no doubt that this would apply not only to us in the United States, but to everyone, no matter where you might call home.

The article happens to list 30 things that can make us smile, but let’s cut to the chase…do you want to know what are the 5 things that make us smile? Of course you do! So do yourself a favor, scroll down and check it out…in fact, share this post and put a smile on someone else’s face!