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Maxwell Frost becomes the first Gen Z American elected to Congress


Central Florida just elected America’s first Gen Z member of Congress.

Democrat Maxwell Alejandro Frost won the race to succeed U.S. Representative. Val Demings representing Florida’s 10th congressional district. He defeated the Republican Calvin Wimbish.

With 119 of the 147 constituencies counted, Frost led with 59.22% of the vote to Wimbish’s 36.26%.

As a host of veteran politicians jumped on the open house seat, the 25-year-old upstart appeared in august as the Democratic nominee, topping two former members of Congress and a sitting senator.

The seat in Congress goes from one Democrat to another, so it will not affect the makeup of Congress. While congressional redistricting controversially reduced the percentage of minority voters in the district, the seat leans heavily Democratic. About 65.11% of voters in Florida’s 10th congressional district voted for the Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 election and only 33.45% supported the Republican donald trump.

But Frost said he wouldn’t leave anything to chance. A week before the general election, Democratic majority whip James Clyburn campaigned in Orlando to remind local voters of the importance of running in a midterm election.

The young politician now intends to arrive in Congress with a mission, but also the hope of building a democratic infrastructure in his country of origin.

“What I’m dedicated to doing during my tenure is obviously doing good work in DC, Frost said, “but also working here, building and making sure we get organized. My campaign will be knocking on doors all year round.

Wimbish, meanwhile, carried the Republican flag even in difficult territory. On his website, he attacked Democrats in general in ominous terms, with an introductory video showing riots and a stock market crash.

“Our nation is under attack, not by a foreign enemy, but by radical socialists who want to destroy our country,” Wimbish said.

Frost heads to Congress after high profile activism with another political organization: March for our lives. The youth-led movement emerged after the 2018 Parkland shootings that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Frost, also a survivor of gun violence, became involved with this group as it gained national notoriety.

He also pointed to his own roots, coming from Cuban lineage and being offered for adoption by a birth mother struggling with drug issues.

But it is a message of optimism and activism that he conveys as he looks to the future. Notably, he has the potential now that he is in Congress at a young age to become an established member of the Democratic caucus and the Progressive caucus, should he remain in the chamber for an extended period.

This is quite a change from the start of the campaign. In the past, Frost worked as a carpool driver at night while campaigning during the day at the start of the cycle.

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