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Medha Patkar calls for “Ganv Chalo” movement


Emphasizing the requirement and the importance of jan andolan (popular movement), social activist Medha Patkar, founder of Narmada Bachao Andolan launched an appeal to the “Ganv Chalo” movement.

At the Chunibhai Vaidya Memorial Lecture in Ahmedabad on Sunday, Patkar said, “We can challenge those in power thanks to Jan Andolan. Every struggle and movement in Chunibhai carries this message. We should launch the Ganv Chalo slogan as the Dilli Chalo slogan by the farmers. Also, I urge young people to devote a year to working for local causes.

Mentioning how the farmers’ movement won, she said: “Mahatma Gandhi told Champaran… that I did not want to go to court. Since our problem is political, we want a political answer. The committee of Sanyukt Kisan Morcha has decided in the same way that we will not go to court. We will force those who enforce the law to repeal the laws and win a big fight. “

Warning people not to be trapped by online activism but to work on the ground, Patkar said: “We have a great challenge to save the environment… If the vision of Central Vista made by Bimal Patel that will to make Sabarmati Ashram a tourist hub is to smash and rebuild and remake, then there will be cement mines… with sand mining… We have to question and change the planning process to be successful.

“There is a white ant in every pillar of democracy. How to overcome it is a big challenge. It is important to save democracy, ”she added.

Referring to the Narmada dam project, she said that when the Narmada water division was declared, it was said that the water would only be given to small villages and towns. “There was no mention of the big cities. But what happened was that the Rs 40,000 crore project was to provide water to Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Gandhinagar. Even the smallest thing of tribal rehabilitation has not been made a priority. It was only on paper, ”she added.