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More than 40% of crimes or anti-social behavior on public transport are linked to young people


More than two in five incidents of crime or anti-social behavior on Greater Manchester’s public transport network are ‘young person-related’, according to figures obtained in a Freedom of Information request.

TfGM bosses pointed out that “the vast majority [of young people] behave well and cause no problems.

Earlier this year, a report by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) revealed that the Oldham/Rochdale light rail line is the most affected by incidents of criminal damage than any other in the city area, and revealed that Failsworth was a hot spot for bus damage. shelters.

The figures obtained also show that the proportion of incidents related to young people was much higher after 3 p.m. – around the time when schools are generally free.

The highest proportion of ‘youth-related’ incidents occurred in March 2022 and November 2021, with 47% of incidents on the public transport network labeled as such by TravelSafe officers.

The lowest rate of youth-related incidents occurred in June 2021, with 33% of incidents attributed to youth.

Chart showing the number of criminal incidents and ASBs reported on the Greater Manchester transport network by time of day over the 12 months to March 2022. Chart: TfGM

Agents responding to incidents provide a description of the people involved; this description, if provided, is used to determine whether to mark the incident as “youth related”.

Kate Green, Head of TfGM’s TravelSafe Partnership, said: “Public transport should be safe for everyone, but there are those who continually act in a disruptive or threatening way towards others, and many of these people are children. and teenagers.

“The TravelSafe partnership takes an enforcement, engagement and education approach to reassuring the traveling public and deterring crime and anti-social behavior.

“Each year, officers work with and talk to thousands of children and young people as part of our comprehensive youth engagement program.

“We don’t seek to demonize young people, and the vast majority are doing well and causing no problems.

“But public transport is not the place to hang out and misbehave, and we will work with schools and youth engagement teams to identify these people and educate them about the personal impact and consequences of antisocial behavior.

“A moment of madness or showing off can lead to young people being expelled from the system or potentially facing prosecution, but offenders can also put themselves or others at risk.

“We urge people to consider the impact of their actions and ask themselves how they would feel if a loved one were victimized by their behavior.”

The Oldham Times: Oldham's buses have been vandalized this year causing security concerns.Oldham’s buses have been vandalized this year causing security concerns.

Inspector Steve Griffin, of Greater Manchester Police Transport Unit, said: ‘GMP wants all members of the public to feel safe when using public transport, and we are working alongside our partners to deter crime on buses and trams.

“The TravelSafe partnership – which includes officers from GMP’s transport unit, along with TfGM and public transport operators, has worked with local officers to patrol areas that have been identified as hotspots on the transport for criminal incidents.

“Recent spikes in incidents in Rochdale and Failsworth have resulted in combined work between the GMP Transport Unit, District Neighborhood Teams and Metrolink staff to increase patrols in these areas.

Youth service partners have also helped examine a variety of interventions to prevent other antisocial behaviours.

“Most recently, TfGM and Metrolink have engaged with nearly 9,000 students at local schools and colleges in Oldham and Rochdale and in September 2022 they plan to attend a safety Roadshow event hosted by the GMCA Violence Reduction Unit at Hopwood Hall College (Rochdale Campus). ”

A spokesperson for Oldham Council said: “Here at Oldham, we are committed to ensuring that our communities feel safe when on the move, including when using public transport.

“Our youth service has partnered with Oldham Street Angels to launch a new initiative called Trusted People to help residents feel safe and confident when using the local tram network.

“Our officers have engaged with over 720 young people in this setting, with staff and volunteers driving around the Metrolink, visiting local tram stops and the areas around them, to offer a friendly face in case residents would feel uncomfortable.

“Our detached youth work team also hold regular youth work sessions along local Metrolink stops and we have more investment in the youth service to provide similar work across the borough.

“In addition to this, we are currently installing 51 CCTV cameras at locations around five Metrolink stops near the city center to help passengers and residents feel safer and more confident.

“In the meantime, we urge anyone who experiences anti-social behavior to report it immediately to Transport for Greater Manchester or Greater Manchester Police.”