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New mental health service to help young people cope with the pandemic, Community news and featured articles


Ms. Danielle Grace Tan was 16 when she had her first panic attack while preparing for her O-level exams.

However, the conventional wisdom at the time was that young people did not need professional help, and three years passed before she finally got help.

She was eventually diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

When Ms. Tan, now 25, learned last year how a local charity had set up a team to help young people cope with mental health issues, she signed up as a volunteer. .

Shine Children and Youth Services‘ new community outreach team, ResiL! Ence, was officially launched yesterday, alongside Shine’s new campaign, “It’s the Mental Health for Me”.

ResiL! Ence aims to educate youth about mental health issues, promote early identification, facilitate the help-seeking process, and involve parents and peers in youth recovery.

Mr Eric Sng, Head of ResiL! Ence, said that at first the team realized that the need for such services was greater than had been imagined.

The coping methods of many young people, such as spending time with friends in person, are now in jeopardy due to Covid-19.

“They may feel lonely and not know where to look for help,” he said.

This is where outfits like ResiL! Ence can help. The team offers services such as mental health screening, basic emotional support and caregiver support.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Culture, Community and Youth and Social and Family Development Eric Chua was the guest of honor at the launch organized on Zoom.

He said: “Community programs such as ResiL! Ence by Shine are also essential to our approach to young people – they provide mental health services and encourage help-seeking behaviors while building mental resilience.”

Ms Tan, a filmmaker, said she was grateful that such a program exists for young people today. “When I was young, I also wished that some of these services and resources were available. It would certainly have helped me in my difficulties,” she said.

The launch of the campaign, which attracted more than 170 participants, was followed by a virtual panel discussion on how to help young people feel safe when they seek help.

Mr Chua said during the discussion that more could be done to support existing efforts to mitigate the impact of mental health issues in the community, such as the Community Health Assessment Team. , a national mental health awareness and assessment program under the Mental Health Institute.

“There is a lot to do, in terms of resources, organizing these resources, and organizing them better, so that the whole process of finding information and resources itself is not stressful for the person. who asks for help. he said.