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New program launched to help young people access mental health services


There is more help for children with mental health issues in Windsor-Essex.

The Family Navigation program is offered to help vulnerable youth access care through a partnership between Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare and the Maryvale Children’s Mental Health Treatment Center.

The Executive Director of Terra Cadeau for Child and Youth Mental Health at Hôtel-Dieu says the goal is to make sure children get the help they need before they find themselves in an emergency room.

She says some communities are not getting the help they need.

“We have a very diverse community here in Windsor-Essex, but we didn’t see that in the clients we were serving,” she says. “Obviously, there were barriers to service for communities like our aboriginal population, our francophone community, racialized youth, even youth with disabilities. “

Gift says a big part of the program will be awareness raising.

“Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate the services,” says Cadeau. “So we want to go out there, take those barriers down, help people access mental health services, but really understand what they need, and then help them navigate child and youth mental health services so that they can access mental health services. ‘they get the right services. “

She adds that some young people and their families are afraid to ask for help.

“One of the things that we often see is that, especially for communities that are a little hesitant, often the mental health of many communities, which we see, is still stigmatized,” she says. “So people don’t want to reach out and often they don’t until there is a crisis.”

You will find more information on the family sailing program on the site Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare website.

– with files from Patty Handysides from AM800

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