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“No force on earth is greater than the power of responsible citizens who come together”


I am an engineer, I did a job for a few years, then I continued my management studies at IIM Bangalore. I led a normal business life and did not get involved in any social activity. That all changed about six years ago, with the start of the Bangalore Apartment Federation (BAF), when people began to be targeted by government officials for unreasonable policies including rate hikes, harassment, extorting them. money, etc.

All this led me to found the Federation. It took a life of its own, I managed to highlight many apartment complexes. Today, Bangalore Apartment Federation has over a thousand apartments all over the city, representing over 2 Lakh households and around 6-8 Lakh citizens. It’s a huge movement in itself. As the founder and general secretary of BAF, I have had the chance to interact with most politicians, civic agencies, and government officials. I realized that there is no integrity, no interest, no intention on the part of any of them to make a change in the system. The government is in bad shape, not because bad people entered politics, but the situation has deteriorated because good people stay away from politics.

Importance of basic politics

I felt it was necessary to involve citizens in popular politics and to bring about significant changes in society. I now fully believe that political activism by good citizens is the best and perhaps the only path to good governance. By choosing to stay out of politics, good, competent and honest citizens allowed incompetent, corrupt and indifferent people to be elected, which led to total bad governance of our city. The only way to change it is to bring good citizens into politics and make changes within the system.

This is why the Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party was born. I will not be wrong if I claim it or if I am the first party in the world to focus exclusively on a city and its municipal governance. There is no other party in the whole world that exists for this reason, which makes it unique. I think BNP will be at the forefront of a new movement where many city-focused parties are going to make their mark. Over the next 20 to 25 years, we will see the emergence of parties focused on municipal governance. I am very proud of the fact that we are at the forefront of creating this movement.

Young minds must make a difference

Personally, I believe that there is no force on Earth greater than the power of the united citizens. Getting citizens to overcome their own mistrust and channel their energy has been the greatest challenge, but it has also been the greatest opportunity. Today we have 10,000 volunteers across town including good, active and passionate citizens of Bengaluru coming together to be the change we desire was the most exciting part of my trip.

City politics are an excellent springboard and learning platform for those aspiring to move into higher levels of politics. It is important that people start at the municipal level and then gradually move into politics at the state level and at the national level.

Young people should come forward and make positive change early on, because they have the capacity and the potential to do so. There is no better place to start locally, and if you want to make a difference, there is no better place to start at BNP.

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