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OK’d Youth Home Plan | News, Sports, Jobs


MIFFLINTOWN — Juniata County commissioners are moving forward with a program that helps find housing for youth in foster care.

At Tuesday’s board meeting, he approved a service purchase agreement between Juniata County Children and Youth and Mifflin-Juniata Human Services to implement a housing grant for independent living, with fees not exceeding an annual cost of $47,130.50.

The council has also taken the following actions:

• Approved the State Food Purchase Program contract for fiscal year 2022-23 and the State Food Purchase Program Operating Plan for 2022;

• Approved the transportation subsidy agreement for medical assistance;

• Approval of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act on the Skills Training Framework Agreement between Juniata County and Equuus Workforce Solutions;

• Approval of the budget modification of the federal block grant program for community development for the fiscal year 2020;

• Appointed the following to a three-year term on the Juniata County Child and Youth Advisory Council: Jennifer Snyder to replace Jessica Rice, effective July 5, 2022; Megan Neugenbauer replacing Christine McKelvey, effective January 1, 2023; Abigail Krepps replacing Sylvia Middaugh, effective July 5, 2022;

• Approved the use of the county records improvement fund to purchase three HP LaserJet Pro color printers at a cost of $1,689.93 for county commissioners’ offices;

• Approved the submission of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Strategic Reintegration Planning Grant application. The grant is $15,000;

• Approved a housing rehabilitation project check at BK Bower in the amount of $47,130.50;

• Approved payment of $278.49 to Casner Service Center for repairs;

• Hired Lori Leach as a casual part-time employee in the Treasurer’s office at an hourly wage of $14.87 per hour;

• Approved the creation of two additional casual part-time positions within the Commissioner’s Office to provide security services as required;

• Approved the hiring of the following individuals as casual part-time employees within the Office of the Commissioner to provide security services and establish hourly wages: Rick Baublitz, effective July 1, 2022; Stanley Ely III, from July 1, 2022; Michael Elder, effective July 5, 2022; John Peters Jr., effective July 5, 2022.

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