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One Young World’s sphere of influence


We are already living in an era characterized by political turmoil, a climate crisis and growing division. Then the global pandemic struck, radically transforming societies around the world, bringing unexpected challenges and suffering while exacerbating existing problems. The future remains precarious, but more than ever, it is essential to remember that it is often uncertainty and conflicts that generate positive change, through innovation, excellence, courage and, of course, a touch. daring.

These are the values ​​defended by the international NGO One Young World, which identifies, promotes and connects the most influential young leaders from around the world, who all make a measurable difference and a positive impact in today’s world. . The annual One Young World Summit brings together the brightest young minds from over 196 countries to accelerate social impact and tackle pressing global issues, from pandemic preparedness to climate crisis. These young leaders are advised by global experts in politics, business and humanitarianism, including Justin Trudeau, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Meghan Markle.

As part of One Young World’s growing endeavor to create accessible and cross-cutting educational experiences for its global community of 12,000 young leaders, the NGO has released its first series of online lectures, One Young World Academy. The series included lectures from figures such as Christiana Figueres and Arianna Huffington, providing an unprecedented opportunity for young leaders to expand their knowledge of global challenges in an academic setting. Direct and insightful conversations took center stage in the One Young World speaker series Together apart, which hosted pioneers and inspiring experts including Jameela Jamil and Terry Crews. The series has reached over 22 million people around the world, focusing on providing solutions, expertise and hope during the global pandemic. This year’s summit will take place July 22-25, with over 1,800 young leaders gathered to experience the events, with a chance to deliver keynotes and share a platform with world leaders while the world’s media look. A hybrid summit, attendees will come together both digitally and in person in Munich, an exciting return to live events.

For the third time, Vanity Fair presents the list of global goals in association with One Young World. Recognizing the critical importance of highlighting work with impact, the list honors the spearheads of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The overarching goal of the list is to make the Global Goals not only ambitious, but also accessible, by highlighting leading figures who are working to build a better and more collaborative, inclusive world, l education and the environment. Now, let’s meet these inspiring people, who are powerfully illustrated on these pages rather than photographed in a proper metaphor to show how the awkward realities of a distant world can spark great creativity.

Joel Kinnaman, Aya Chebbi and Pania Newton

The Zero Hunger SDG is represented by actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Joel Kinnaman. A passionate advocate for sustainability and social justice, he founded the Kinnaman Foundation, which aims to support initiatives that create sustainable livelihoods for underserved communities, while striving to protect the environment. Launched in 2020, the Foundation’s first project involves working with an NGO in Bali to help the island’s most vulnerable communities, for whom the Covid-19 epidemic has meant a catastrophic break in tourism. The response has been to feed those in need and create new employment opportunities within existing communities.

Diplomat Aya Chebbi was chosen to represent the UN Partnerships for Sustainable Development Goals, which aims to revitalize global partnerships for sustainable development. Award-winning Pan-African activist, peacemaker and feminist, Chebbi rose to prominence as a political blogger during the 2010/11 Tunisian revolution, having risen to the rank of spokesperson for democracy. She was the first-ever African Union Special Envoy for Youth and the youngest diplomat in the office of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, affecting political change globally and sparking an increase in nominations of youth. She also mobilized the Youth Silencing the Guns campaign and inspired the next generation with a one-of-a-kind “Young African Women Manifesto”.