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Osun government enrolls 30,000 youths in its health insurance scheme – The Sun Nigeria


From Lateef Dada, Osogbo

The Osun state government has ordered the immediate enrollment of 30,000 youths into its health insurance scheme.

This is just as Governor Adegboyega Oyetola ordered the start of recruitment of cadets from Batch 5 Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (O’YES).

Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Mr. Azeez Olayemi Lawal, who revealed it during a press conference held at the Ministry of Information and Civic Guidance on Friday, said the initiative aims to ensure that the youth of Osun who make up a greater proportion of the state’s population are provided with accessible, affordable and youth-friendly quality health care.

Lawal said the initiative was to properly integrate young people into the program, especially those who are out of school, unemployed, physically or mentally disabled.

He revealed that beneficiaries of the scheme would be drawn from all 30 local government areas including Ife East regional office of the state in line with the Osun State youth policy scheme and strategies. of implementation.

“The efforts of the current administration to ensure that health care delivery is accessible and affordable for all citizens and residents of the state led to the establishment of the Osun Health Insurance Scheme (OHIS) . The benefits of the program are enormous as the people of Osun can now access quality healthcare without tears, with evidence of improved health.

“Nevertheless, young people, who constitute a larger proportion of the state’s population, some of whom are out of school, unemployed, physically or mentally disabled, are not yet fully integrated into the scheme.

“In order to solve this problem, Governor Adegboyega Oyetola, who is a lover of youth, has ordered that 30,000 vulnerable young people from all local government areas in the state be enrolled in the Osun health insurance scheme. (OHIS).

“Enrollment of 30,000 vulnerable youth in all local governments across the state will be done as follows: distribution of Osun Health Insurance Scheme (OHIS) forms to vulnerable youth through local government chairs ; Capture and documentation of young vulnerable beneficiaries in each local government in the state by the Osun health insurance program team; The groundbreaking ceremony for 30,000 vulnerable youth in the Osun State Health Insurance Scheme (OHIS) will be presided over by the Governor, at a later date, he added.

He said the recruitment of potential candidates for O’YES Cadet Batch 5 will begin immediately.

He noted that around 62,000 cadets have gone through the program, saying that “it is a 2-year revolving volunteer program that strives to empower young people recruited from all 30 local governments and offices of state area, while the volunteers are divided into different specialized cadres such as like public sanitation, public works brigade, green gang, Osun sheriff corps, traffic marshals, paramedics Osun paramedics, sanitation czars and corps of teachers and volunteers are deployed to deliver productive services in the identified areas of socio-economic life in accordance with the objectives of the scheme.

“Let me clarify that O’YES itself is not about offering jobs to young people, but about empowering young participants to become self-sufficient and eventually become employers of labour. This is where the exit program comes in. The exit program empowers cadets by helping them become self-sufficient through the acquisition of relevant entrepreneurial and professional skills. Currently, the program offers approximately 74 exit programs for cadets to choose from.

“We can boldly say that the program has been successful in transforming the lives of former cadets through exit programs, as you can now find many former cadets who are doing well in different areas of endeavor, be it the Civil service, para-military service, private sector, etc. Similarly, many of our former cadets have started their own businesses.

“For example, the owners of AJ Gas in Ile-Ife and Alamar Multi-Purpose Nigeria Limited have gone through the scheme. Others have improved their level of education like Dr. Foluke Kehinde, Mrs. Deronke Egbedun who is now in Canada, etc. Politically, there are former O’YES cadets who are now Council Presidents, Secretaries of Government Councils, Advisors, Senior Special Assistants to the Governor, among others.

“In addition to this, O’YEs under the current administration has registered more successes including working with Osun Agency for Community and Social Development Project CSDA on PALM OIL PROCESSING PROJECT for some former O’yes cadets. The sum of N1,574,625.00 has been approved and presented by CSDA to six local government areas. For example, the OREDAPO Ifetedo vulnerable group in South Ife LGA, among others, included O’YES cadets who work in palm oil processing,” he added.