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Pacific Conference of Churches calls for ‘less talk, more action’ as COP27 begins


The accompanying pledge outlines the responsibility to clear a path to resources. The Kioa funding mechanism will exist as a user-friendly process that communities can access upon request,” the pledge states.

Requests can vary in scope and can include capacity building, community adaptation projects, access to public services, planned relocation, etc. This ensures that the burden of access does not fall on affected communities, the pledge explains. We call for national and sub-national recognition and support of this responsible initiative within the community.

For example, following a request from the community of Ekubu village on Vatulele Island, the Pacific Conference of Churches found funding for adaptation, loss and damage caused by extreme weather conditions induced by the climate.

The conference also secured funding from the Presbyterian Church (USA) for an outboard motor and a solar-powered freezer after a boat used by young people to fish for economic empowerment was damaged during the tropical cyclone Yasa in 2020.

The conference also sparked many other funding efforts, all of which support the call made at COP26 for greater subnational financial support for adaptation, loss and damage.

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