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Don Bosco Youth-Net launches a collaborative project to improve voluntary service in Europe

(MissionNewswire) Don Bosco Youth-Net, the European network of Salesian youth organizations based in Belgium, and its partners have launched a two-year project focused on volunteering. The project, entitled “The future is Europe: volunteering and social change”, is launched with the support of Erasmus+, the European Union program to support education, training, youth and sports in Europe.

The objective of the project is to help define a vision of volunteering by setting long-term objectives and helping all partner organizations to develop concrete actions. Project activities focus on digitization, solidarity, employment and sustainability. These activities will raise awareness of issues such as European citizenship, civic engagement and common values.

The aim is to engage young people from various countries to help them develop their soft skills and competencies for future employability. This will help all partner organizations to create an education model to be implemented in the countries concerned and beyond.

“All young people deserve a chance for a better life,” said Father Gus Baek, director of Salesian missions, the American development arm of the Salesians of Don Bosco. “Salesians help young people overcome obstacles to success while teaching them to take responsibility for their own lives. Part of this education is passing on the lessons they have learned to others. By providing young people with the opportunity to volunteer, they can learn additional skills to find and keep a job.

Through this project, Salesian organizations strengthen voluntary service, reach more young people through quality projects, impact employability through recognition of skills acquired during experience and provide digital solutions for networking and learning environments.

At the end of the project, a guidance document will be disseminated at international, national, regional and local levels to inspire other organizations active in the field of volunteering and international youth mobility.

Work in collaboration with Don Bosco Youth-Net are its project partners, including Aktionszentrum Benediktbeuernbased in Germany, Confe Don Bosco, based in Spain, Jeugddienst Don Boscobased in Belgium, Salesiani per il Sociale APS and Tourism Giovanile and Socialbased in Rome, Italy, TGS Eurogroupbased in Venice, Italy, Salesian Youth Ministry Servicebased in Malta, and Young people to connectbased in the Netherlands.



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