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Raised Full Draw Women’s Bow Hunting Retirement


Raised to the 2021 Women’s Full Draw Bow Hunting Retreat Group

Women bow and arrow at full draw

Member of the Women’s Archery Retreat Raised at Full Draw to “Full Draw”

Female Bow Hunters in focus in a 3-D shooting range.

Participants participated in obtaining their national archery certification.

Participants from a dozen states gathered near Winterset, Iowa, for bow hunting certification, hunter safety and training, and skills development.

I am blessed to be part of this incredible group of hunters ”,

– Karin Holder, founding member of the organization Raised At Full Draw

WINTERSET, IOWA, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – As the popularity of bow hunting continues to grow after the pandemic has pushed many families and individuals to find new interests in the outdoors, the huge increase in the number of female hunters is also increasing. The non-profit organization Raised At Full Draw held its third season of an educational women’s archery camp called RISE (Reach, Inspire, Support, Empower) Women’s Outdoor Retreat.

This three-day women’s archery event brought together hunters from California, Utah, Montana, and as far east as Ohio. The camp, which is designed for all levels of hunters, gave women the opportunity to hone their hunting skills, share best practices and learn new techniques and hunting equipment by certified archery hunter training instructors, the local state of Iowa DNR conservation officer, an outdoor expert from the local Scheels, members of the Elevated Hunting TV Series, and from each other.

“This retreat has been one of our best to date. I am amazed by the talent these women have as hunters, and I am inspired by their willingness to share techniques to help others improve, ”commented Camp RISE Director of Operations Donise Petersen. “Each participant has passed their national archery certification at our camp. We are proud to do our part to support these women and the hunting industry across the country.

With one of the nation’s largest deer populations in Iowa, Raised at Full Draw Archery Camps are designed to promote archery, hunting, and outdoor education. The goal of Camp RISE and all of their youth camps is to impart knowledge and skills to the next generation and enable them to learn in a convenient and safe environment.

“I have worked in the Iowa conservation industry for years, and this organization is a great resource for hunters, whether they are in Iowa or across the country, to learn from some of the best hunters. the most ethical who are committed to helping others. improve their skills and earn successful hunts, ”said Craig Lonneman, local Madison County, Iowa, DNR conservation officer.

Lonneman shared that Iowa has one of the highest white-tailed deer populations in the United States. Iowa’s archery season for deer begins in October. For more information on hunting in your area, contact your local MNR agent.

From sharing bear and deer hunting stories to discussing tree stands, gear and snacks, the RISE Raised at Full Draw retreat sent a powerful message to women who want to learn and improve. their hunting skills in order to harvest and prepare fresh and organic produce in an ethical manner. meat for themselves and their families.

“I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing group of women, as they share their stories of successful encounters and experiences in nature,” said Karin Holder, founding member of the Raised At Full Draw organization. .

Other camps available this summer and fall include youth camps in Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, and other states. A full list of camps and registration information is available on the website Raised on the Full Draw website.

National sponsors for Raised At Full Draw include: Under Armor, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Raised Hunting, Fourth Arrow / Wyndscent, Realtree, 3D Targets Delta McKenzie, Gamo, Vortex, Grizzly and Bear & Trophy Ridge. Local RISE sponsors include: Federal Munitions & Scheels.

No hunting is actually practiced in the camps. The emphasis is on practicing the target for bow accuracy, safety, strategy, ethical treatment of animals, and the importance of the hunting industry to our animal population.

About Raised to full circulation
Raised At Full Draw is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit based in Winterset, Iowa. They offer a variety of camps and educational resources across the United States to promote hunter safety and education for women and youth. The aim of the camps is to impart knowledge and skills to the next generation and enable them to learn in a convenient and safe environment. For more information about RAFD, please email us at [email protected]

About elevated hunting
The Raised Hunting organization operates the Raised Hunting television series, which airs on The Outdoor Channel, to provide hunters and hunting enthusiasts with real hunting experiences to ensure ethical, safe and successful encounters. They also offer the Ultimate Hunter’s Guide book. For more information on Raised Hunting, please email us at [email protected] or visit www.RaisedHunting.com.

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The Raised Outdoors organization is dedicated to helping hunters create safe, successful and ethical hunting experiences by providing resources to develop new techniques from their team of experts. Hunters learn new tracking and observation strategies to increase effective success rates, and they stay up to date on the proper equipment and clothing needed to manage a successful hunt. Raised Outdoors memberships are available for both new and experienced hunters to better understand the basics of hunting, improve their skills and recognize each animal’s unique behavior to prepare hunters for their best season yet. For more information on Raised Outdoors, please visit our website www.raisedoutdoors.com.


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