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Rock band donates musical instruments to Pine Ridge School


PINE RIDGE, SD (KOTA) – Thanks to a donation from an anti-hunger organization and a well-known rock band, students at Pine Ridge High School have access to new musical instruments for their group program. This was all done as part of a youth empowerment project.

Students and instructors say Christmas has come early for music students at Pine Ridge High School. Rock band Widespread Panic has donated over 900 musical instruments to various Native American reservations, with Pine Ridge receiving a substantial sum.

Will Peters is a Lakota language and culture teacher at Pine Ridge High School and has said that music is an integral part of culture, especially for young people.

“All aspects of our culture are intertwined,” said Peters. “So whether it’s through social settings or sacred settings, music is always its heart and soul. “

An anti-hunger organization known as the Conscious Alliance coordinated the delivery of the instruments.

The group has strong ties to the Pine Ridge community, and Field Director Natalie Hand said it’s important for young people of all cultures to participate in the creative outlet of music.

“It allows them to express themselves and disconnect from the technology, and it’s a great stress relief,” Hand said. “So for me it’s a perfect fit for us. “

Instruments donated include percussion cymbals, flutes and keyboards.

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