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SCVNews.com | Child & Family Center receives grant for arts and culture from LA County


The Child and Family Center in Santa Clarita was one of 63 nonprofits that received a portion of the $ 750,000 grant from the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture. Community Impact Arts Grant (CIAG) Program.

Unlike Arts and Culture’s long-standing funding of nonprofit organizations whose primary mission is art, CIAG supports arts programs of social justice and service organizations, with poor service and limitations. . We recognize the activities in the community that has reached. The CIAG was designed to meet two priorities. It makes art services available to LA County residents who may not be able to explore traditional art venues and outlets, and the intersection of art in cross-cutting d ‘a local non-profit organization. Promote.

The Child and Family Center will receive $ 13,230 to support an artistic psychoeducational group for young people aged 5 to 17 who have been diagnosed with behavioral health problems.

CIAG grants include mental health, disability, environment, homelessness, immigration rights, youth, justice reform, and veterans service organizations. The one-year award supports a variety of community projects. For example, a place called Home, like an after-school youth organization in South Los Angeles, uses its grants to maintain a performing arts program. The Tierra del Sol Foundation in Sunland promotes the career development, exhibition and sale of works of art by adults with intellectual disabilities throughout their lives. Home for Families in Woodland Hills supports trauma-based arts programs for low-income veteran families. (((Consult the complete list of scholarship recipients).

The CIAG program began in 2015 with seed funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and has grown into a pilot program over the next six years. In April of this year, the Los Angeles County Supervisory Board was created by Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell to maintain and increase funding for CIAG, and Hilda L. Hilda, chair of the Los Angeles County Supervisory Board. . Approved the motion co-written by Solis. This motion involves the impact of the program and the recognition of art and the county’s continued investment in this art. Cultural policyIntegrate artistic services into the cross-sectoral work of the county.

“There are hundreds of great arts organizations in Los Angeles County, but not everyone in our community, especially the community of colors, has a direct relationship with them, as the COVID pandemic has revealed. -19. To eliminate the inequality that has become, we must think beyond the limits of grants and build better access to artistic services. The community impact arts grant program has always been underinvested. It is an innovative way to provide artistic services to our community. ” Hilda L. Solis, Los Angeles County Supervisory Board Chair, District 1 Supervisor..

“The survey shows that communities with access to cultural resources have improved their health, education and security, but the way to target these resources and investments must be more equitable. There is. ” Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell.. “The motion I created with Supervisor Solis this spring strengthens the Community Impact Arts Grants program and its ability to provide cultural funding, programs and services to Los Angeles County and its neighbors. underserved. Confirmation.

“Art is an important part of civilian life and can be a tool for fighting equity and solving cross-cutting issues in a variety of problem areas,” he said. Christine Sakoda, Director of Arts and Culture, Los Angeles County.. “We are proud to be able to fund the recipients of the hundreds of artistic and cultural organizations that make up the region’s fabulous cultural sector. The CIAG program promotes the arts in a mission of social justice and social well-being. It complements these grants by supporting a cohort of nonprofit organizations to use and delivering more influential programs through the arts. Pandemics are facing us in the community. Serious inequalities have become apparent. The work of these programs is more necessary than ever. “

Letter of recommendation from CIAG recipients

Surveillance district 1:
“Like much of Southeast Los Angeles, the city of Southgate has been devastated by a pandemic. Artistic programming will be an important part of our community’s recovery as we prepare for the reopening. ” It is said. Marissa Gonzalez-Kuchek, Southgate City Cultural Arts Coordinator.. “This grant will support the development of new exhibitions in the city’s art galleries. With funding from the LA County Department of Arts and Culture, we will be able to offer free art workshops in collaboration with local artists. It also supports the reestablishment of our own artistic community. More than ever, we recognize the cultural vitality of the community by presenting our work to artists and providing a place to address contemporary issues through our programs. It is important to support, support and improve. “

Surveillance district 2:
“Now, with the traumatic year, it is more important than ever to make the voices and creativity of the youth of the center-south heard. ” Katie Skawski, Grants Manager for A Place Called Home.. “During COVID-19, a Community Impact Arts grant from the LA County Department of Arts and Culture helped APCH members create dance recitals, fully virtual theater productions, studio albums, new musical productions, etc. APCH’s Creative Arts and Expressions program enrolled 474 young people in a virtual arts education program for music, theater and dance. With ongoing virtual programming and the launch of on-campus services, CIAG will be creative with over 500 young people. Help provide the opportunity. Next year. “

Guardianship district 3:
“The LGBT community has made strides so far, thanks to the brave old people who have walked at the forefront of the LGBT movement and who have persisted.” Michael McFadden, Associate Director of the Elderly Services Program at the Los Angeles LGBT Center.. “Thank you to the County Department of Arts and Culture for this generous grant to fund our documentary filmmaking project. The older people we serve learn new creative skills and learn new creative skills. There is a valuable opportunity to learn the ability to proudly share your true story. “

Surveillance district 4:
“There are few hands-on arts programs for young people in the communities we serve. Most of our public schools have art classes and regular activities for our youth. No. At the same time, youth service organizations like us are struggling to find funding to support our day-to-day efforts. Thanks to the CIAG Awards, we target more than 1,200 young people each year. , Club “7” sites offer daily / annual art classes. “. Mike Lansing, Executive Director, Boys and Girls Clubs, Port of Los Angeles..

Guarded district 5:
“The county’s investment in Tierra’s Careers in the Arts program gives artists with intellectual disabilities the opportunity and support they need to develop their skills and recognize their contributions as artists,” he said. declared. I go. Maria Jones, Program Director, Tierra del Sol Foundation.. “People are feeling the long-term effects of the isolation caused by COVID-19, so they will need help re-engaging in their community. For people with intellectual disabilities, this is a pandemic. Even before, this increases the access and communication challenges they encounter on a daily basis. The county’s contribution gives these artists the support they need and a high-quality offering that matches the quality of their work. . “

About the Ministry of Arts and Culture
The mission of the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture is to enhance art, culture, and creativity throughout Los Angeles County. Grants and technical assistance to non-profit organizations, county-wide arts education initiatives, commissioning and maintenance of civil art collections, research and evaluation, access to creative career paths, professional development, community programs free, citizens A creative transversal strategy that addresses the problem .visit LACountyArts.org..

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SCVNews.com | Child & Family Center receives grant for arts and culture from LA County SCVNews.com | Child & Family Center receives grant for arts and culture from LA County