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Senate leader urges young people to push back against hate speech and outside pressure | Jordan News


Ammon news –

Senate President Faisal Fayez on Tuesday urged young people to fight against “the various negative phenomena”, to stand up against the external pressures the country is facing and the hate speech and sedition on social networks that threaten “our fabric social”.

In remarks during a meeting with members of the National Youth Congress and the National Forum for Awareness and Development, Fayez said the Jordanian state has weathered all crises and made tremendous progress in a unstable region, thanks to its Hashemite leadership, “the safety valve of the country and national unity.”

He called for proposing youth empowerment strategies as indicated by the king in his discussion papers to broaden youth participation, noting that addressing the issues facing young people is a collective responsibility of official and civil institutions, who should take up the challenge of “opening new horizons” for them and strengthening their capacity to cope with change.

The Senate Speaker noted the King’s concern to empower and motivate young people to solve their problems and be creative through reform measures that meet the needs and aspirations of young people.

He stressed that the solutions proposed to meet the challenges facing young people have not achieved the intended objectives, as unemployment and poverty have increased in a context of mistrust of the government, which prompts us to reconsider the youth policies and to propose new strategies .. towards their empowerment. . “