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Should The Body Shop mobilize voters?


August 17, 2022

On International Youth Day (August 12), The Body Shop launched a youth voter engagement and registration campaign across its stores and website in the United States ahead of the mid-elections. November term.

Consumers can check their registration status, register to vote, and learn more about the importance of voting midterm in 2022.

This effort builds on the May launch of Body Shop’s “Being seen. Be heard», in partnership with the Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General on Youth. Body Shop said younger voters in the United States typically participate in elections at 20-30% lower rates than older voters.

The new in-store voting campaign comes as surveys continue to show that young adults want companies to take a stand on the issues. Body Shop has spoken out strongly on issues in the past, including reproductive health care.

“Over the past few years, we have been deeply inspired by how young people have made their political voices heard by protesting directly, lobbying their representatives and championing causes online,” said Hilary Lloyd, vice-president. President of Marketing and Corporate Responsibility for Body Shop North America. , in a statement. “Now we’re proud to help amplify their voices at the ballot box.”

In 1990, the launch of the The “Rock the Vote” campaign pushed for encourage young Americans to vote, although “get the vote” campaigns typically focus on presidential elections.

November’s midterm elections, however, are receiving more attention than usual, similar to the buildup before the 2018 midterms, according to a recent Gallup poll taken in June. The economy, gun politics and abortion have proven to be key issues this year.

In 2018, 411 companies joined the “It’s time to vote», pledging to facilitate the vote of their employees. The campaign was led by Patagonia, Walmart, Levi Strauss, PayPal and Tyson Foods. Some consumer-oriented election campaigns have also been launched. Hot issues at the time included the Trump administration’s planned cuts to Utah’s national monuments, exiting the Paris climate accord, overhauling immigration policies and gun control. .

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Does Body’s Shop voter engagement and registration campaign make sense for the cosmetics chain as well as many other retailers? Is it more important for retailers, especially those targeting young adults, to support efforts to “get out of the vote,” given the politically charged environment?


“I don’t know if it makes sense for other retailers, but it’s on brand for The Body Shop.”

“…younger generations, in particular, will be the first to call when their favorite influencer ‘sells out’, pushing a product or message to make money or fit in.”

“Given the importance of our next two elections, it makes perfect sense for Body Shop to speak out, and speaking out strengthens the brand.”