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Sixers’ Joel Embiid launches ‘In Memory of Arthur’ community initiative


Joel Embiid announced on Thursday that he has launched a new community initiative in honor of his late brother.

The “In Memory of Arthur (IMOA)” initiative has pledged to award $1 million to local nonprofits over the next three years.

Arthur Embiid was killed in a 2014 car accident in Cameroon aged 13. Embiid’s son, born in September 2020, is called Arthur.

Per Embiid’s release, Philadelphia Youth Basketball League, New Options More Opportunities, Youth Empowerment for Advanced Hangout, Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia, and Rhymes with Reason will receive grants.

“Philadelphia has been a place where a lot of my dreams have come true, and I wanted to do my part to bring that to others,” Embiid said. “There are a number of organizations in Philadelphia that are creating positive tangible change, but with the FTI initiative, we really wanted to focus on those who are often overlooked, but who deeply understand the communities they serve. as an NBA player, I’ve been blessed with resources and influence, and with the FTI, I hope to give back everything I have in my community, giving to the experts who are the real MVPs for make the difference.

Embiid won the NBA’s Community Assist Award in March 2021 for donating $100,000 to Philadelphia-based organizations that address homelessness.

The five-time All-Star is by far the oldest Sixer. He’s also expected to stay in Philadelphia for a long time, with his supermax extension beginning in the 2023-24 season. The release notes Embiid intends to have “an active role within each organization, and plans to visit and volunteer year-round.”