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SLO County Garbagemen’s Association supports a local non-profit organization


The contributions will help the non-profit organization increase the capacity to provide public school teachers with free consultations and training on the garden.

– The local non-profit association One Cool Earth will facilitate professional development opportunities for teachers in all school districts in SLO County during the 2021-2022 school year. The project is made possible by the generous support of the SLO County Garbagemen’s Association who donated $ 2,500 in matching funds to double the impact of the community grant from the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors.

With their contributions, this project will increase the capacity of schools to effectively teach science by providing public teachers with free gardening consultations and training related to teaching science standards outdoors and using gardens. as living laboratories. These consultations are designed to offer site-specific garden support, provide relevant educational supplies, and start school garden use by providing teachers with direct funds to purchase garden implementation materials.

One Cool Earth is already in partnership with 23 schools and six county school districts, but will expand their reach with at least one on-campus training session per local district; achieve a total of nine separate school districts and a minimum of 27 public teachers. Schools and teachers participating in these consultations will receive materials to teach six hands-on lessons in Next Generation Science Standards, One Cool Earth’s School Garden Guide and $ 250 to Farm Supply to grow their garden.

About the SLO County Garbagemen’s Association

SLO County Garbagemen’s Association educates the public on solid waste issues in San Luis Obispo County and provides a forum for owners of local waste management companies to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern. It is a voluntary association made up of transporters, recyclers and local landfills. For more than 50 years, Association members have come together to share knowledge and keep abreast of industry trends, regulations and best practices. In some areas, Association members have led the way in developing and adopting advanced technologies and methods in recycling, green waste treatment, and solid waste transportation and disposal.

About One Cool Earth

One Cool Earth is a San Luis Obispo County nonprofit organization that partners with 23 local schools for integrated education in school gardens on campus through their Earth Genius program. Their mission is to create awesome school garden programs that nurture healthy, happy and intelligent young people. For 20 years, One Cool Earth has been a leader in on-campus outdoor education for students, ensuring a rewarding educational experience for all.

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