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The club has big plans for the coming months


On July 9, the 2022-2023 Rotary Club of Barbados Board of Directors was installed in the picturesque Bentley Mansion, a place steeped in history and one that so eloquently aligns with the theme “Let’s Make Rotary Great”. Magic “. The ceremony was held under the patronage of the President of Barbados, Her Excellency Dame Sandra Mason, GCMG, DA, QC and featured the Barbados Police Band who serenaded Rotarians and guests during cocktail hour.

Incoming President Tracey Knight-Lloyd kicked off her year with a quote from Rotary International’s first female president, Jennifer Jones; whose theme inspired us to Imagine Rotary. She said: “Imagine a world that deserves our very best, where we wake up every day knowing we can make a difference. You cannot imagine yesterday. You imagine tomorrow.

To further emphasize the Imagine Rotary theme, Jones asked all Rotarians to focus on a few key areas:

• Adapt and revamp the way we run our service projects and run our clubs

• Embrace a greater focus on member engagement and retention, especially with what she calls the comfort and care approach

• Seek ways to empower girls and women through the Empower Girls initiative

This year, The Rotary Club of Barbados will continue its journey to make Rotary Magic with a number of service projects that will lead to continued upliftment and betterment in the lives of those who benefit from club service. An example of this is the Empowering Girls theme which continues to be relevant, and even more critical in this post-Covid-19 environment.

Covid-19 has jeopardized the financial stability of many women, which is further compounded by the lack of financial knowledge and financial dependency of this group. Additionally, a 2020 IDB study in Barbados indicated that men’s levels of financial literacy were higher than those of women. With such statistics plaguing women, the President’s plan for 2022-23 will be a financial education program themed “Save, Spend and Prosper” – a program that was developed to reach out to and equip vulnerable women. to protect their livelihoods and by extension their families, as many women now find themselves at the head of their households.

President Tracey Knight-Lloyd pointed out that “this project will be rolled out in three phases, the rehabilitation of the computer labs at Marina House, a residential treatment center for women of all backgrounds, who are recovering from various forms of addiction. The phases also include a financial coaching seminar and finally a national social media campaign highlighting basic financial literacy advice in an easy to understand format.

There is a surfeit of empirical evidence that indicates positive youth development is directly correlated with programs that include after-school recreation, conflict resolution, and mentoring, among others. The Barbadian community continues to watch in horror the acts of violence perpetrated among another vulnerable group, the youth.

In this spirit, the Club will continue its work with two initiatives launched in 2021, the youth upliftment programme, Building the Brand Called You and will continue to support activities within children’s homes which all serve as key interventionist approaches. to minimize deviance among young people. . In addition to these programs, this year, through the Pride of Workmanship Awards, the club intends to highlight the work of those who provide programs for at-risk youth and who are the unsung heroes who help prevent young people from engaging in a life of crime. It is hoped that by showcasing their important work, more prominence will be given to this area, resulting in a reduction from the cradle of the island to the prison pipeline. Rotary Magic will not exclude people with disabilities of all ages from the island. All children living with disabilities have abilities and that is why the club continues to be delighted to be part of an initiative that will see the rehabilitation of the learning center at the school for special needs.

Knight-Lloyd reiterated the club’s focus on saving the environment, tackling childhood obesity and the importance of vaccines in eradicating polio.

The Council 2022-23:

1. President Tracey Knight-Lloyd

2. Vice President Paul Ashby

3. President-elect Ermine Darroux

4. Secretary Jamella Forde

5. Treasurer Peter Williams

6. Director of Club Administration Savitri St. John

7. Director of Public Image Keri Mapp

8. Director of Community Services Anton Nicholls

9. Director of Membership and Youth Services Barbara Trieloff-Deane

ten. International Service Director Carole Eleuthere-JnMarie,

11. Past President, Robin Ford

12. Sergeant-at-Arms Randy Marshall.

(Rotary Club of Barbados)

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