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Umu Enugu Ezikeoba from Diaspora Hosts Cultural Party, Empowerment – The Sun Nigeria


From Aloysius Attah, Onitsha

The Enugu-Ezikeoba people, Igbo-Eze North LGA, Enugu State in the Diaspora are about to host the first edition of their cultural festival aimed at showcasing the unique cultural identity of their people on the world stage .

The cultural carnival labeled “Ezike Day 2022” which is now in its maximum preparation phase will feature cultural dances, masquerades, meetings and awards.

Diaspora General President Umu Enugu Ezikeoba Chief Roland Ayogu (Eze Omeogo) who spoke to the Daily Sun in Enugu after landing from his base in Johannesburg, South Africa, said the cultural holiday had was designed to revive the dying cultural values ​​of Enugu-Ezike and preserve them for the next generation.

“Those of us in the Diaspora see how the Western world values ​​and values ​​our diverse cultural background. But with us, sometimes people see it as a fetish. The idea is to tell and preserve for our children, the rich cultural heritage of our ancestors so that children grow up to know most of the endangered cultures.

“Apart from that, there are so many positive things that we see happening in the western world and we want to take this opportunity to present ours to the world also because the exhibition is very important”

Chef Roland also revealed that charities will also feature prominently in a day set aside before the cultural festival where the less privileged among the people will have a sense of belonging.

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“When it comes to the charity aspect and empowering the less fortunate, it’s a fact that before charities weren’t that common here, but the stories have changed today from when our diaspora people have made the big leap in this direction and today more and more people are interested.

“We are concerned about eradicating poverty in Ezikeoba land. We are looking at how to examine the problems of the less privileged of our people and see how we can turn them into something tangible. We seek to fight crime with youth empowerment because when young people are positively engaged, they will not be attracted to crime and criminality.
He revealed that as a pro-development group, the cultural carnival will also attract other progressive-minded people from the community and beyond, including Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who is the special guest of honor. .

“Political leaders, traditional leaders, stakeholders and prominent figures in Enugu State and beyond should honor the carnival. People like our own Dr Chris Onyekachi Simon (Don Chris), Chief Festus Oshaba-Onuh (Ferotex Group) and the member representing the federal constituency of Igbo-Eze Nord / Udenu in the House of Representatives, the Honorable Simon Atigwe and the Mayor of Igbo-Eze Nord LGA, Prince Ejike Itodo, among others, will also honor the occasion, ”he said.

Also speaking, Planning Committee Chairman Barr Pius Ayogu, who spoke from Scotland, said the essence of the event is to reinvent the rich culture of their people.

“To highlight the very rich cultural heritage and foster unity between our peoples and help them add value to their lives. December 31, 2021 and January 2, 2022 are two important and historic dates for our people. Quite a few of our less privileged and physically disabled people will have a lifeline to start something and stand up instead of depending on people for their day to day survival.

“We know we are blessed as a people and we must show our uniqueness to the world. Most of the children of the Ezikeoba people in the Diaspora are not familiar with the unique masquerades of the Ezike people like the Oshagenyi, Agbeji, Mgbedike and others. It will be the first of its kind in the community, ”he said.

Ayogu said other executive members of the diaspora group like Dr. Igwebuike Olijo, his Canada-based secretary, Chief Eusebius Ekere, his Texas-based public relations manager in the US are working around the clock with their resource persons in Enugu State to ensure a successful exit.