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Venus Williams strives to make outdoor activities inclusive


Owhether through his powerful presence on the tennis court or his efforts to create pathways for underrepresented youth in the sport, Venus Williams has been a strong advocate for promoting inclusivity. The seven-time Grand Slam champion has teamed up with Clif Bar & Company and the Outdoor Afro association to diversify outdoor activities, Advertising week reported.

Nature-based activities can serve as vehicles for healing. Research shows that spending time outdoors can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Despite the transformative benefits, outdoor recreational activities are often inaccessible to BIPOC communities due to systemic racism and Williams is determined to change the narrative.

Through this initiative, Clif Bar & Company will support organizations such as Outdoor Afro, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the black community through outdoor education, recreation and conservation, and the National Park Service in conducting a range of outdoor activities for communities of color through September. . Williams, who was featured in one of the energy food and drink brand’s recent ads, says breaking down barriers is imperative.

“It was really so much fun meeting everyone from Outdoor Afro,” she shared. “It was about the experience of being outside. It was about the experience of connection. It was about the experience of letting nature take its course, so to speak, in a healing way, in a joyful way. It was nice even for me to enjoy this moment and be so focused when I’m outside, in fact, enjoying it.

This isn’t the first time the tennis legend has teamed up with Clif Bar & Company. She has partnered with the brand to support the Harlem Junior Tennis Education Program by helping to fund their initiatives that sit at the intersection of education and sports. “I’m very motivated to support talented young people who need help to pursue opportunities in life,” Williams said when discussing the partnership. “I love what HJTEP represents in terms of creating pathways for young people using tennis as a catalyst.”


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