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What does Saliu Mustapha’s drive for youth empowerment mean to Kwara?


What does Saliu Mustapha’s drive for youth empowerment mean to Kwara?

If the events of the past few years are to be believed, the citizens of Kwara can certainly see that Mallam Saliu Mustapha has a deep interest in the development of the state. While that might be an easy course to chart, months before an election year, the track record is pretty clear to anyone with enough insight.

To understand the intelligence and duration of the inclusiveness of Ilorin’s Turaki, one need look no further than his response to the outgoing Kwara Central representative in the Upper House, Dr Ibrahim Oloriegbe, who described the primaries that produced Mallam Mustapha as the APC’s senatorial candidate as a “charade”. ”

He said, “We should avoid comments that do not unite the party and its members, regardless of our personal feelings. At all times, true leaders must exercise restraint in their outbursts.

His words speak volumes as someone committed to doing something productive rather than engaging in meaningless public exchanges that only heat up politics.

But the Turaki embodies more than pure inclusiveness. What residents of Kwara State can expect from Turaki is a government that values ​​youth empowerment and sports development, as well as championing and protecting the interests of Kwara Central in the Senate.

The Turaki indeed loves everyone. As a sports fan, Mallam Mustapha bought 3,000 Kwara sports fans a ticket to watch Kwara United take on MFM United on July 10. This gesture also included a victory bonus for the team which ultimately motivated them to win the game.

On Sunday, Saliu Mustapha rewarded the Kwara side with $1,500 for beating AS Douanes of the Republic of Niger 3-0 in their first game of the CAF Confederation Cup, he also pledged $10,000 additional $ for players if they qualify for the group stage.

Turaki captured his interest in sports perfectly when celebrating International Youth Day in August: “I continued to see sports as a major platform to foster peace and unity among young people.

This interest extends to youth empowerment programs. Because Mallam Mustapha finds youth to be instrumental in the growth of the country, he has created a program dedicated to advancing the cause of youth in Kwara State.

Mallam Mustapha has previously said that his office would make youth empowerment one of his key legislative agendas if elected.

Already, young people are the main beneficiaries of the annual aid offered to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs by the Saliu Mustapha Foundation.

As a Turaki of Ilorin, Mallam Mustapha shares a great love for the custom and culture of the Emirate of Ilorin. During the Ilorin Annual Durbar 2022, Turaki’s N15 million donation and Siena’s bus donation made the celebration worthy of the occasion and memorable for its people.

Still with the aim of meeting and sharing its political vision with young people, the Turaki of Ilorin engaged the Association of Online Media Practitioners of Kwara (ASKOMP) at its residence in Ilorin on Monday, July 12, 2022. During of the meeting, he promised to employ an inclusive representation that will greatly benefit the youth, women, widows and other members of his constituency, if elected – a promise born out of his love for the masses and the development of human capital in the region.

The meeting attended by young media owners and social media influencers saw the Turakis pledge to foster and harness the development of mining in Kwara State.

The humanitarian gestures of the Turaki are visible throughout the state. I couldn’t have a better opinion of him than I already do.

Such is his concern for development issues in Kwara State and his commitment to addressing them within and without the capacity of a Senator. But what endeared me to him, like many citizens of Kwara State, especially the state’s thriving youth community, was his deep and heartfelt love for youth empowerment.

“I believe that giving opportunities to young people will help maximize their contributions to the development of our dear country,” he said during the celebration of International Youth Day.

No wonder he was honored by the National Association of Nigerian Students for his outstanding contribution to the development of the education sector in Kwara during the 40th anniversary celebration of the student body at the top.

A true man of the people and quintessential lover of the masses with an incredible passion for education, Mallam Mustapha continues to prove such commitment with the annual Inter-School Mathematics Competition and Debate organized by his foundation and the thousands of students to which he pays WAEC, NECO and JAMB as is.

Mallam Mustapha is a rare pearl whose motto in life is “For God and country”. His humanitarian activities and focus on results-based governance mean that the people of Ilorin have struck gold…. A precious metal that they would like to have in the highest legislative body of the country.

Kabir Agaka, a youth advocate writes from Ilorin.

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